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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Rachel here.  February was madness.  We just moved into our house, Bryan was out of town during the weeks... the house was mayhem.  We still had guests and traveled... we should probably slow down. :)

 There was more snow.  Isn't our view dreamy?  That's from my bed.  Sigh.
 Our chicky nugget is growing up... Wee Baby Elton.
 She's also a Madonna fan... who knew you could be both? ;)
 The girls enjoyed many a tea party... our new favorite bath time activity as well.

 That's one big bath tub!  Perfect for one tired mama... or three ridiculously cute girls.

 Happy Valentine's Day!  Can you tell we found every pink article of clothing we owned and put it on? :)

 My littlest love got her first tooth!  She now has 4! 

 Self feeding is going smashingly. :)  I actually left her side for 5 minutes while feeding her.  Bad idea... she took matters into her own hands.  Instead of promptly cleaning her up... I took a picture. :)

 Boozy Woozy turned 10 months old! 
She hadn't quite learned to crawl... that would come about 2 weeks later.  We began using cloth diapers too.  I haven't quite mastered the "leaking" issue, and I need to invest in some kind of container for those bad boys in the laundry room because dear god...


Andria said...

I love the Valentine's pictures, and I am so jealous of that bathtub situation!!!