Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Emma Grace here.  I've been waiting for three long years... three long years to well... turn 3. :)  It seems like life changes forever when you turn 3.  You're old enough to start dance...
 And you're old enough to start preschool... which I did... because... you know... I'm three! :)
 I got to go for 3 days by myself last week to learn the ropes before the sister joined me.  She had her first day yesterday, which happened to be one of the days we both go.  I go MWF, and Reese goes MTRF.

Can you say EXCITEMENT... for all involved.  Mommy dropped us off yesterday and just stood there... forever.  It's like she didn't know what to do with herself. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Down on the farm...

This past weekend we were at Grandma and Grandaddy's.  Mommy and Daddy were digging through the barn looking for more treasures.  We were running a muck... sometimes naughty but mostly cute.  Mommy dolled us up in matching outfits and wanted to get some cute shots.  Unfortunately we weren't really having it, so this is what we got...

While Mommy did get a few good ones, she has a couple of other locations she'd like to hit up to get some good shots.  There is always next time! :)


Here's the rundown: 
~ Wk 1 (8 wks pp) 140.8 lbs
~ Wk 3 (11 wks pp) 142.4
~ Wk 4 (12 wks pp) 138.7
~ Wk 5 (13 wks pp) 137.1
~ Wk 6 (14 wks pp) 136.7 (I'll spare the photo until I have something impressive to share... you know... like abs.  HA!  Someone get me a personal trainer... stat.)