Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I want to eat each of them up... slowly. :)
Reese...    Emma Grace...    Berkley

Come and Gone

Rachel here.  Well, November appears to have come and nearly gone.  I've been an awful blogger lately.  To be honest... I just haven't been feeling it.  We have entirely too much going on... both great... and not so great things, but we're doing the best that we can.  We're hoping to be in our new home by Christmas, which is a blessing for sure, but it's proving to be quite stressful and has prohibited us from really enjoying this holiday season.  Ay yi yi.  We are living life though and enjoying one another which is what's most important right?!  

Here's is our month in some of my favorite photos...
The conclusion of soccer...

We voted!  If you look VERY closely and pay attention to details, you can tell who the majority of us voted for.  EG voted against us all... middle child syndrome at it's best. ;)

 Preparing for our princess/pinkalicious tea party play date.

 We have very few Christmas decorations up this year, as we'll be moving during it.  Because we're not sure if we'll be getting a real tree at all, I bought us this little Charlie Brown tree, which I love!  We also broke down and got PB stockings for the entire family.  All of ours were mis-matchy, and I love that we can keep these forever and they coordinate.
 We celebrated Thanksgiving at the girls' preschool.  They chopped all the veggies for a super yummy vegetable stew for all the parents.

 Here's to getting through the rest of the year without totally falling to pieces. :)  Also... my baby turns 7 months old in 3 days... I may or may not have just thrown up in my mouth a little.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y'all!  We started our day at preschool with our friends.  Everyone was so festive... it was fancy.  We walked around downtown and showed off, sang songs, and got some candy to boot!

 We then rested up for some wild and crazy times trick or treating.  We did downtown, we did trunk or treat, we even did a random neighborhood.  The rewards... 10 lbs of candy... not even kidding you.  But we had a blast, and frankly... we could care less about the candy. :)

Until next year!


6 month comparison...
Berkley...            Reese...           Emma Grace

Happy half birthday!

My sweet baby girl is 6 months old!  Rachel here.  It's hard to believe she's been here half of a year already!
 Sweet girl is 15 lbs and some change and 25ish inches long.  She's in 6-12 month clothes, spilling out of a size 2 diaper, and in a size 2 shoe (which yes is still ridiculous... but seriously... SO CUTE!).
 Berkley is still NOT sleeping through the night.  I just don't know what's happened.  She came home from the hospital a champ!  It then when completely downhill around 3-4 months, and it's taken us a while to get to where we are now.  She wakes up anywhere from 2-4 and then again around 7-8.  From time to time she still attempts to wake up before 2, but we let her cry it out.  It's virtually impossible for me to get back to sleep after her middle of the night feeding.  I have too much on my mind a good chunk of the time, so I'm pretty desperate for her to get there.  She's just too cute though, so it's hard to be mad at her.  Another issue we're having at bedtime is the rolling over.  She's finally rolling over from back to belly like a champ and often gets herself stuck in her crib.  It's quite frustrating for her. 
 We're still very hit or miss when it comes to solids.  Baby girl could take it or leave it.  She's nursing 6-8 times a day/night, so I know she's getting plenty in that buddah of hers, but she can't nurse for the rest of her life... no matter what TIME magazine says. ;)
 We've been practicing sitting up, and she's getting stronger every day.  She loves playing with her feet and has even started to scoot a bit on her belly.  Once she's mobile, I'm fairly certain my life will be over. ;)
 Berkley is such a little sweetie bug and has a smile that lights up our lives.

The pumpkin patch

We went to a brand new pumpkin patch this year.  We really enjoyed it... minus the facts that we waited until the last possible day, and it was SUPER cold. :)  It's also a tree farm, so we'll ABSOLUTELY be going back to cut down our own tree.

 Just look at that!  I'm sure it was even more beautiful when the leaves were just beginning to change.  Sigh.
 Pumpkin sling shot.


Can't wait for next year!