Sunday, January 31, 2010

11.5 inches of SNOW

Daddy and I started our snow day marathon with some sledding.

The second leg was angel making.

Then I helped Daddy with some shoveling.

It was all worth it... because the last leg of our marathon... ramp sledding!

Reesie Child

We got 11.5 inches of snow this weekend. It was AWESOME. Two big snowstorms in one year... it's like heaven. :) The first day was entirely too cold for me to go out and play, so instead...
... Daddy and I baked. :) We made one big cake and a bunch of little cakes.

The batter was delish!
Emma supervised... and got in to some serious shenanigans. (We fully comprehend that babies should not lick beaters/spoons of raw batter, but seriously people... the photo op could not be ignored!)

Because SOMEONE got super messy... there was a bit of an intermission for a bath.

After our cakes cooled, Daddy showed me how to frost them, so we could decorate with sprinkles.

This was taken right AFTER I finished sprinkling my cake and right BEFORE I gagged on the sprinkles. For the record I HATE sprinkles. :)

Mmmmm... blueberries

E to the G here. Mommy is getting mighty creative with these concoctions she's been feeding me. She's been giving me some fruits more and more now that I can down the veggies with ease. I'm a huge fan of applesauce, bananas, peaches, pears, mangoes, and now BLUEBERRIES... mmmm.

Dress up

I'm totally in to dress up these days. I not only dress myself up...
... but I dress my mommy up too. :)

Art class

Mommy and I started our art class again last Thursday. This session is GREAT because Ms. Carol already knows me and my antics first of all, and second of all... there are only 3 KIDS in my class this time! Apparently there are 9 in the Tuesday session, but we're just fine with the smaller class. There is even another little baby in the class, so Emma Grace won't feel so left out. :) Our first project was this adorable snowman... Ms. Carol must have known I'm currently IN LOVE with snowmen! The only thing Mommy helped me with was putting the glue on... I'm getting good. Well, minus the whole nose being in the middle of the snowman's chest, and his buttons being down near his feet. :)
We also made this really cool snowflake magnet! I love it! Sadly we don't have art class this week because Ms. Carol will be in a meeting, but we'll be making it up later. I think I'm really going to enjoy class this go round!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The last week

Here's what we've been up to the last week... in no particular order. :) Emma Grace is learning to use a sippy cup, and around here we use "learning to use a sippy cup" very loosely. The girl just gnaws on the nipple, but she looks darn cute doing it.

We've been playing A LOT of dress up. Mommy claims this headband is a flower... I insist that it is a dinosaur hat. ;)

I've been an "Alex Little Hands" fool. In one week we created 6 projects. Here are 4 of them. Mommy also enrolled me in my art class again through the Rec Center. I start Thursday morning... we're getting out of the house people (which for the record is because I'm potty training... not because Mommy is about to lose it... we've actually been having a really great time while Daddy has been out of town.)!

Mommy also let us beat some pots and pans the other morning. Don't worry, Emma Grace wasn't actually hitting herself in the face it's just a SWEET action shot. :)
Emma has been putting EVERYTHING in her mouth... everything is always so wet and gooey... yuck... but again... she looks so cute, so we let her get away with it.
I ate my weight in yogurt.
And finally... Emma Grace and Brobee became besties. I love Brobee, but Emma ADORES him. It's very rare that we don't see her practically making out with his face. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Rachel here. My Emma Grace started saying "mamamamamama" today. :) I know it means nothing, but add that to the "gagagagagagaga", and we're well on our way to "Mommy watch this!"

Meanwhile Reese tried to bounce down the stairs on her giant cow... needless to say my heart skipped many beats.

Both of my girls totally lose it if I a)leave the room (Emma Grace), or b)leave the house (Reese)... this makes me both smile because I know I'm loved and cringe because I can get NOTHING done around here. :)

Three random thoughts? Perhaps, but today's recollections nonetheless. :) Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Dear Mr. Hawkins,
Here's to a speedy recovery!!! We're thinking about you!

The Pattisons

7 months old

Mushy mushy mushy! Rachel here. My wee one is 7 months old today. :) Isn't she sweet?

Emma Grace is the smiliest little thing! She's still so cool and calm. She's still a great sleeper, and the kid loves to eat. Besides nursing every two hours (during the day)... STILL... she's also dabbling in most veggies. She loves green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash (she's only had that out of the jar), and she loves applesauce. We've also tried avocado, and I literally thought she was going to die. She gave me this look of sheer disgust. We'll be trying it again though tomorrow. :) I also picked up some pears, and peaches from the g-store the other day, so we'll whip some of those up for her too. I hope this means she'll be as good of an eater as Reese!

As far as milestones... she can sit up completely on her own now. With rolling over... ugh... it's so dramatic. She can roll over from her back to her belly like it's going out of style. She's only gone from her belly to her back twice. This raises some serious drama let me tell you. When she's in her crib, she rolls over and then can't get back over! I remember the drama with Reese, but she eventually would just sleep on her tummy. Good thing I love her so much! :)
Next goal... working on the sippy cup and trying to get her to get her legs under her butt so she can start her crawling shenanigans. :)

Bridal Madonna anyone?

Rachel here. Reese decided she wanted to play dress up today. Grandma bought her a bunch of Halloween costumes when they went on uber sale after the holiday, so she has some really sweet little outfits she can play with. Now those of you that know Reese, in this picture she's spinning around in circles... hence her eyes facing bottom left. :)
She quickly changed her mind and went from the whimsical fairy to Alice.

Then in 3.5 seconds she changed her mind again... and was back to the fairy... and I brought out her jewels for her. Am I wrong or is she reminiscent of the 1980's MTV bridal Madonna?!