Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey Brett!!!

Look at me! I was so inspired by your being able to get in and out of your car; I decided to learn! Granted I'm still working on my form. Here I am assuming the belly flop position. It's quite effective.(You like that mess I made Brett? I'm so quick... Mommy and Daddy and the ENTIRE bottom half of the house don't know what hit 'em!)

It's awfully fun to use the car pit as a hamster wheel as well.
You think I'll be ready for the "Iron Man" competition on time?
This is how I usually end up in my car pit... all tussled... balls everywhere... check out the amazing hair as well!

I'm a pastafarian mon!

Since I've had a cold the last two weeks, Mommy won't let me do much of anything fun. That means no leaving the house to go shopping or to story time. She won't even let me outside to play! Can you believe it!? On the upside she hasn't wiped snot from my nose in 2 count them TWO days... oh the excitement! She's been trying to come up with fun little activities for me to do to keep me busy. This is extra hard for her now because I'm only down to 1 nap, so that's an extra 2 hours to fill. She's managing just fine though. The other day she let me play with pasta! It was awesome people!!! Just look!

It felt so good in my hands!

I got to put the noodles in all these different containers... one of my favorite things to do right now!

I made the biggest mess!!!!

I love PASTA!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New trick?

Rachel here. During Reesie's birthday weekend, my friend Erin kept closing the bathroom door. I was quite curious as to why she was doing this. Well her adorable little Brett loves to put things in the toilet, so closing the door was the only way to fix his habit. Erin, I may have one up on you here... prepare yourself.

Reese has in fact learned to throw things in the toilet, but only her... drum roll please...
that's right people... her diaper! We throw our poop diapers in the genie and our wet diapers in the trash can. Reese DUG IT OUT OF THE GARBAGE and then THREW IT IN THE TOILET! :)

I'm so proud...

New shoes!

Look at these hot kickers Mommy got for me the other day! You can't really see them I suppose. I'm just excited because now my "tamborine playing in my pjs" outfit is complete... seriously what outfit DON'T adorable little maryjanes complete? :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Today was a blast! Of course I didn't go to Story Time on account of my runny nose and cough (our baby's first cold!!!), but Mommy made it up to me.
After you left this morning, Mommy and I played in my playroom and watched "Curious George" and "Side the Science Kid" until it was time for my morning nap. I woke up around 1130, and Mommy immediately got me dressed for the day. She packed me up in the car and we headed to Chick-fil-a for lunch where Mommy had her usual, and I had my usual... turkey and cheese, crackers, and some fruit. It was awesome. After lunch we mosied on over to the Target where Mommy bought me some fun stuff for later in the afternoon. We had some extra time before my next nap, so we went to the library. Mommy finally paid my grotesque fine and got me MY VERY OWN library card. It's in MY OWN name and everything! The librarian looked at Mommy like she needed to be committed, but Mommy said that she was a teacher... and before she could even finish, the lady said "say no more..." like it's an illness or something. :) Anyway I got my card, played with two other little girls while Mommy picked some books out for me, and then we checked out. 230 = nap time for bonzos.

I woke up around 4... this is what my hair looked like:
I thought I looked good... Mommy thought I looked silly, so you know her and silly... out came the camera IMMEDIATELY.

Earlier in the day, while we were at Target, Mommy picked up some art supplies for me. She decided that we were going to draw with markers. Why she does these things I'll never know. They were these special markers that only write on this special paper... IE... no mess. I was none too impressed to tell you the truth.
I did manage to create this though:
Next Mommy wanted to try out these paints that were also no mess. She got me real finger paints, but we were going to try those out tomorrow. She wanted to see how I would do with these magical ones first. You put the paint on the paper, and it doesn't change color until you move it around. It was AWESOME! I had so much fun.
My creation this time was much more impressive. I can't wait for tomorrow when I can make beautiful rainbows!
After we played Picasso, Mommy took me out in the backyard in my BRAND NEW TO ME coat. You can tell I had never really worn a coat before because I was all out of whack. My balance was completely off, and I spent most of my time like this: and this:
I was super irritated, so I demanded Mommy take me to the park. Look what I got to do ALL BY MYSELF!!!! Mommy must have let me do it 30,000 times.
Soon it was time to go back inside for dinner. Mommy fixed me cheese ravioli and peas... so yum. And then it was time for my bath. We played "hair salon". It was fun.
Then I called you on the phone... do you remember that?
I wish you were home to help Mommy tuck me in. I hate when you're out of town, but Mommy says that I'll probably see you on Friday. I love you so much and miss you!!!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

'Tis that time of year! Last time I went to the pumpkin patch... oh wait... I've never technically been to the pumpkin patch. Mommy and Daddy went last year and then I arrived later that week. I heard them having so much fun... I was in dire need of making an appearance. :)

We went to Sinkland Farms in Riner Va. They have a really sweet farm with some great activities for children. Daddy used to work with the owners' daughter, so that's initially why he and Mommy started going. They loved it so much they wanted to make sure I got to enjoy it as well.

We started the day going on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.
There were so many pumpkins there... I just couldn't decide which one was my favorite!
Look at all the pumpkins behind Daddy and me!!! Of course we had to get a family portrait... Mommy and her camera! ;)
Oooooh they had a maze too for us little ones to go through. I was pooped, but can you believe I made it all the way through by myself!?Oh yeah.... there was a donkey there too (I thought of you Brett!!!)... his name was Albert. He was cool, but I was far too tired to thoroughly enjoy his company.
It was a super fun day, but I was happy to get back to the car with my pumpkin.

Maiden Voyage

I'm ridin' in style... facing forwards... whoa whoa whoa... what's going on?

Wait a second... I can see. I can see and eat my bunnies... holy smokes! I think I'm gonna like this!
Rachel here. Can you see her HUGE tooth!? The second top one has yet to come in... it's slowly working on it though. :)

Ball Pit

I love my ball pit Mommy and Daddy got me for my birthday. Mommy is quite afraid of real ball pits. She just knows that children throw up all of their yummy pizza/treats in the pit... it sinks to the bottom never to be seen or cleaned again. Therefore... we don't do nor do we plan on doing community ball pits. She's nuts I tell you! But because she's nuts look what I got!

Daddy is working with me on my throwing skills... something about me playing softball... I don't know. I practice throwing just about everything. See that ball... mid flight... skills.
I just love that pit. Now if I could only learn how to get out of it!

The Park

Sorry it's taken me a while to post... Mommy couldn't help me. She's working on a top secret project and it pretty much takes up every waking moment of the day... well every waking moment that I don't take up anyway. :)

It was a beautiful day the other day, and Mommy knows there won't be too many more of them this year, so we went across the street to the park. I walked as long as I could and eventually had to park it... right in the middle of the grass.
Finally I made my way over to the swings. I was having a nice quiet time until the Duggers (not really them... but these people seriously had 45 kids... well not really... but it felt like it) got there and were singing songs at the top of their lungs. Mommy could only take so much, so we had to go back home. :)
We went inside to watch Sesame Street... but not before Mommy made me pose with some of
our outdoor decor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love the booty...

Pirate's Booty that is...

The party of the millenium

Well, we survived. The weather was beautiful... a little windy but beautiful. We were surrounded by all of our close friends and family... except for Jen/Rusty (hope the "surprise" baby shower was lovely) and Briana/Jamie (can you believe they missed MY party to go see the WAHOOS play?... it's unconstitutional!); you all were definitely missed. A SUPER thank you to everyone who came, sent me an awesome gift/card, left me messages (Lauren your message was BEAUTIFUL), and left little notes... glad everyone liked the slide show too! :)

Now lets get to good stuff shall we?

We started the party just chillin' and relaxin'. There were giant beach balls for us to play with, and we loved pulling the straw out of all the hay bails.
Two of my friends Jackson and Brett were there too! They are a few months older than me and veterans at walking. Don't worry though I was able to keep up. It took me a while, but I ended up walking all over the backyard.
After everyone got some lunch in their bellies, it was time for cake. Mommy (after many a breakdown) and Daddy (oh so patient he is) worked super hard on them, and they were stupendous! I think everyone liked them. (We had an autumn harvest theme.)

Especially me:

I got super messy, but Mommy and Daddy still love me!

After Mommy and Daddy got me all cleaned up, it was time for presents!

The rest of the day was spent with me playing with my friends and all my new presents! Thank you so much to everyone who made it out to celebrate with me! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

One year ago today...

I was wide awake, much like I am now at 5 am in the morning... but for 2 totally different reasons. By the way... Rachel here. :) One year ago today I'd been awake now for almost 24 hours already not even realizing that I wouldn't sleep for nearly 2 more days. I would have started contractions around 1:20 am, and I'd been timing ever since. It wasn't for another hour or so that Bryan would wake up... on his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!)... to me handing him the stop watch and notepad. It would be another hour or so before we called the hospital. Was I in labor? It sure as hell felt like it! :) "If we admit you now you won't be able to eat. We think you should stay home a little while longer and get some light foods in your stomach. Call us..." ... blah di blah di blah. I sent Bryan out to get an ENTIRE fruit tray. We spent the next 5 hours watching TV, timing, and eating that fruit. 130ish pm... "we should call Dr. Campbell!" I just couldn't take it anymore, which in hindsight was A JOKE because seriously kids... I hadn't felt NOTHING yet. We get to the hospital and for the next 13 hours we were free, peaceful, being taken care of hand and foot... the life.

After popped veins (trying to pump me full of pitocin), an epidural by someone who appeared to have the medical experience of say... MYSELF, puking, and an hour of pushing... we were blessed. We were blessed with the most amazing little girl known to man. Reese, you've changed our lives in so many ways. I always thought it was such a cliche for people to say "I can't even remember what our lives were like before little Bobby came along." What were those people? Delusional? We used to drink, whoop it up, go out, and now... we have to be in the house at certain hours of the day or we have public meltdowns, Mommy actually learned how to use the stove and blender, can't be out past 7, and dinner for us isn't even imaginable until 8. I remember exactly how our lives were before you came around, and honestly... you couldn't pay me all the money in the world to go back to those days. Now, Reese, I can't say I don't remember what it was like, but I can honestly say I don't want to remember what life was like before you came along... all I want to remember is this:

Why am I wide awake today? Hello people... I have the party of the century TOMORROW... when my BABY turns ONE... and SO much left to do!

Monday, October 6, 2008

What's going on??

Something very fishy is going on here! Mommy and Daddy are being awfully sneaky. They are SUPER cleaning the house INSIDE and OUT first of all. Like I don't know something is going on. We usually live like barn animals. Now all of the sudden we're "classy"? Hmmmm... second of all Mommy is always working on some kind of crafty decoration/project... for what? Our house is already decorated and Daddy says she's not allowed to buy anything else for the house. Third off... I got this crazy package in the mail:

I hope it's not breakable because I sat on it pretty good.

This is as far as Mommy would let me open it... I did find out it's from my Great Gma Nita and Great Gpa Jack. I can't wait to open it for real!
All I have to say is if the inside is half as good as this bow... I'm in for the best day of my life! :)


Rachel here. Reese is OFFICIALLY walking. Well officially walking in the house. :) She's all over the place! When we get outside though she's a little hesitant. I think we've probably topped 4 or 5 outside steps while we're up to 14 consecutive inside steps. It's so cute to watch her wobble from side to side. Can you tell we love to celebrate with her? :)

P.S. We also switched her to whole milk last night! I think it's going to take some getting used to for her seeing as how she's only had about 2 oz of it since 630 last night. Baby steps!!! :)

P.S.squared. The big party is this weekend! We're so looking forward to celebrating our Reesie turning one with all of our close friends and family! The planning is... going. :) It's hard to get things done during the day when you have a little one running a muck, but I'm confident the party will go off without a hitch!


... in my tutu...

... and behind the curtains (which happens to be my new favorite thing to do!).

Fun with Uncle Aaron & his peeps

This past weekend we whooped up on Western Kentucky. I no longer go to the football games, and sadly neither does Mommy. I went to 2 games this season, but they always start when I'm supposed to go down for my nap, so I end up kind of cranky at the game. Mommy then has to walk me around until I fall asleep, and truly we'd rather go to the Duck Pond. :)

I happened to fall asleep this time before we even got to the Duck Pond, so Mommy turned right back around to return to the tailgate. It wasn't long before everyone else returned to the tailgate as well. When they got there was it a party! I got to dance with the ladies:
Play with the hole in my nose (we don't call it picking!):
And listen to my Uncle Aaron rap to me... it was so soothing: