Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh thank god!

I played soccer on Friday, and I had fun.  Mommy and Daddy cheered for me even when I didn't score, which I did do... not sure how many times.  Mommy and Daddy didn't keep track.  I think everyone felt much better about the situation than we did last game.  I tend to get a little overwhelmed when all the kids are trying at the same time to get the ball... I stay at the back of the pack.  Once that ball is free though, I do my best to get it in the goal.  I did run off the field once though, looked at Mommy, grabbed my water, and took a break.  Everyone seemed a little shocked seeing as how I was doing my own thing and wasn't told to do so, but a girl needs a drink of water every once in a while!  Hopefully next week will go just as smoothly. 


Photo booths are AMAZEBALLS!

Rachel here.  My dear friend Stephanie got her wedding photo proofs back recently, and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!  Of course there were a few that I had to steal because my heart swelled when I saw them.  Item #1:  I mean seriously?!  I love this kid... makes me want to have 345,643 more. ;)
There was also a photo booth that was ridiculous!  We hammed it up of course and even walked out with a possible Christmas card (not pictured)!
 We are awesome... yes... yes we are. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012


Rachel here.  Reese started soccer two weeks ago.  The first week, she did awesome!  She was like a fish in water... almost like she was born to play soccer.  Home girl scored 4 goals... we were so excited for her.  You could tell she was having so much fun... so much fun.

 This past Friday... totally different story.  My heart hurt for her.  A few members on the other team were super aggressive and REALLY good little players.  She had a hard time getting the ball and missed goals on a few occasions.  She did in fact score one goal... again... we were so proud of her.  Not because she scored a goal at all, but because she was doing something out of her element for the first time... trying something new... and she was proud of herself.  We never ever ever wanted her to feel any type of pressure to be some sort of super star.  That's not what this experience was supposed to be about.  Poor thing missed a goal and grabbed her head and just shook it.  I knew she was frustrated... I could tell immediately.  She stopped, looked right at me, and she ran towards me as fast as she could... fell into my arms and cried.  She said she was so upset that she didn't make her goal and that she wanted to quit and go home.  She was done playing soccer... forever.

After lengthy discussions both with her and with one another (Bryan and I), we've been working on building her self esteem.  She's very outgoing, but she's been playing the whoa is me card quite a bit... my guess is for attention... even if it's negative attention.  We've been doing things with her that she's really good at in hopes she'll feel that she can do things... and do them well.  She also has new chores that she can help us with around the house... she really seems to be enjoying doing her tasks.  The last thing I want to raise is a super arrogant girl, but I also don't want to raise a quitter.  I get easily frustrated, and she's the same way.  It's just another lesson in raising children for us.  We're taking our time with her, trying to make her feel good about what she's doing when we can, and we'll attempt soccer again on Friday.  Raising children is hard.

 Here's what the other two do while Reese is getting her Beckham on...

Children can make you want to scream bloody murder one minute... and then moments later your heart is swelling with warmth and love... children make me bipolar... I'm certain of it. :)

American football...

 Our HOKIES were off to a great start this season... until Pitt CREAMED us.  How embarrassing.  I mean really really really embarrassing.  At least we continue to support our boys... and look uber cute doing it. :)  These pictures are from the Austin Peay game... who?... exactly... hence the fact we were allowed to go with Daddy.  It was Emma Grace's very first real life football game.  We made it until half time, which was longer than Mommy expected. :)

 GO HOKIES!  We love you... even when you choke. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Build this house... VERY BUSY

Rachel here.  We are finally knee deep in dirt!  We broke ground about 2 weeks ago hence the lack of postings here.  Things are moving slowly due to some SERIOUS rocks.  We're talking Fred Flinstone Bedrock kind of rocks.  BIG SERIOUS EXPENSIVE rocks.  This week we were set to start and finish the footers, but Mother Nature may decide to put the kibosh on those plans as we're supposed to get quite a bit of rain.  Rain or shine, rocks or no rocks, footers or no footers... I am one happy camper.  I'm finally beginning to come out of my funk.  I miss my pictures, and my decorations... I even miss the girls' ridiculous amount of stuffed animals that were all over their beds.  I can't wait until we are in our new home.  CAN NOT WAIT.  These are a few of my favorite photos we've taken over at the property.  The girls love all the dirt and construction; we try to make it over there 4-5 times a week AT LEAST.


Rachel here.  Here's a good old comparison photo:
 Reese...    Emma Grace...    Berkley
And this absolutely cracked me up... Berkley at 1 month and now at 4 months... holy chunky baby batman!

4 months old

I'm 4 months old!  Well 4 months and some change as of today, but you know how life can get. :)
 At my appointment I was a whopping 14 lbs and some ounces (Mommy can't remember... oy)!  I also had to get a prescription for a yeast infection under my neck... one that I've gained from all of the goodies that seem to be getting stuck in my luscious rolls.  Seriously... Mommy finds the most intriguing of things... she wouldn't be surprised if she were to one day find a yacht.  Rolls for days people... rolls for days.
 I've taken a HUGE step back when it comes to sleeping.  I was sleeping 12 hours at night with 0-1 wake ups.  HOT DAMN it was fantastic.  Not the scenario these days my friends.  I'm averaging 3-4 wake ups, and I like it.  Mommy was giving me the benefit of the doubt... maybe it was teeth... maybe a growth spurt... maybe I'm just being a big old turd bomber.  She attempted to give me some baby cereal the other day to try to keep my belly nice and full, but I spit it out of my mouth all oozy like... it was cute.  So now Mommy makes sure to nurse me for a very long time before bed, and if I wake up less than 3 hours later... she lets me cry.  SHE LETS ME CRY... how rude.  If it's longer than that, she'll feed me.  Now I'm back to 2-3 wake ups.  In my defense, that third wake up is around 5-530... the lady could EASILY wake up for the day, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo... she likes to sleep.  We'll get there... maybe.  Still no paci action which would make this whole scenario MUCH better.
I can roll from belly to back and am ridiculously close to doing the other way as well.  I love my exersaucer and playing with my entourage... aka... the big sisters.  I'm reaching for toys but have yet to play with my feet much.  I mean could you manage to get your feet in your mouth if your gut was the size of a watermelon?  I have little teeth buds, but the ped says they won't break through for quite some time.  Mommy thought a tooth had popped through, but apparently she's a moron and it was simply a cyst.  Seriously... I thought she'd done this twice before?  I absolutely LOVE bath time.  Mommy puts me on a towel in about 2 inches of water in the big kid tub, and I just kick and splash... it's like heaven.  I've finally been forced to start taking naps in my crib during the day.  It's working out nicely.  I do cry for a little while, but Mommy has to get things done around this abode, and she can't very well do that with me snoozing on her lap... although I hear I'm quite snuggly. :)
I can't remember much more that needs to be reported as of this moment.  I'm fat and cute... what more do you need to know? :)

'Tis the season...

The season for the greatest two colors known to man to make their weekly appearance.  That's what I'm talking about.  Berkley here.  I'm new to this whole "HOKIE NATION" lifestyle, but I'm seriously digging it. :)

Weddings and naps don't mix

Weekend before last we ventured to Tidewater for one of Mommy's dear friend's wedding.  While we were stupendous during the ceremony, we fell apart slowly and painfully during the reception.  Naps were lacking... as was the only thing the sister EG wanted to eat... macaroni. :)  Berkley cried every time we went inside because the music was extremely loud by baby standards, so we spent a good chunk of our time outside.
 Which happened to not be a bad gig... because we got some really sweet photos.

Here's to a very special bride and her lovely husband... and to weddings without children. ;)