Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Merry Christmas... a month too late...

Here is our Christmas in photos... I know... you've been dying to know what we did haven't you? ;)
Reese and Emma Grace sign their card for their teachers' gifts.  Look at Emmie's name!!!!  I die!
 I added their name to the nice list for Santa... and we kept an eye on the reindeer.
 Making reindeer food.
 How could we not do trendy holiday manis a la Pinterest?
 Our lovely neighbor gave the girls this cardboard castle.  We're still working on coloring it... it'll look really cute in the new house.
 NORAD... I don't think the girls are that into it unfortunately, but it was worth a try.
 MY favorite part... sugar cookies for Santa!

 Christmas Eve gifts... jammies and their Hallmark ornament...
 Berks just wanted to eat her's.
 How lucky am I????

 Leaving their reindeer food for Rudolph and his jabronis.
 Santa's fixins.
 Christmas morning!  Reese got her tool set from Santa...
 ... while EG was obviously smitten with her Jessie outfit.  Santa is a good man.

 The girls picked out really sweet gifts for one another.  They were all super heartfelt, and each of them loved them.

 Then Santa left his peace... until next year! :)
Funny story.  Both girls asked for Dream Lites this year from Santa.  Reese a butterfly and Emma Grace a puppy dog.  I ordered them both on Amazon.  The puppy dog arrived... the butterfly didn't.  I contacted the company, they sent me the butterfly, I stuck it in the closet unopened until Christmas Eve.  7:50 pm... I open the box only to see it's a damn penguin!  PANIC!  Walmart closes in 10 minutes... GOOOOOOOOOOO!  Bryan arrives in 5 minutes, they refuse to let him in... PANIC!  Eventually he finds one at Kmart... all is right with the world. :)

'Tis the season for a family photo... full of tears...

Rachel here.  I don't know why family photo time has to be so damn traumatic.  This year we headed to Smithfield Plantation here on campus.  It was a GORGEOUS day... I knew we would get some really cute shots.  Of course I forgot my tripod, so we had to balance the camera on the stroller... fail.  There were tears, there was screaming, I may have even used candy and/or a trip to McDonald's as bribery.  But look at these photos!  Totally worth the extra poundage and doing my little part for childhood obesity. ;)


These may just be our best yet!


Rachel here!  Yes... I'm really here... and ready to catch up and get life back to normal.  One problem though... I'm not exactly sure when that will be happening.  HA!  Since I've last blogged:  I couldn't get Blogger to work, we had 3 Christmases, missed our first c/o for the house, then I dropped my computer and broke the hard drive, had to get a new computer, moved the rest of our belongings to storage, the baby turned 8 months old, moved a good chunk of things to the new house, missed our second c/o for the house, Bryan started busy season and is pretty much MIA... so needless to say it's going to take me a little while to get caught back up, but I think I may have found the motivation... so here it goes. 
We'll start with Bobnewhart's shenanigans.

Aren't you so happy we're baaaaaaaaack? :)