Friday, April 30, 2010


Rachel here. SUCCESS!!! I'm so excited! I just finished my first ever felt barrette! While it's no MayCrimson... I do enjoy it. :) Here was my inspiration... this is from MayCrimson... isn't it adorable? She charges $6.00 plus $2.00 shipping for this little number.
And here's mine! I already had the thread, the barrette is one of my old ones, and the button (although I did buy a big box of random buttons to work with as well), and the felt was $.29 per sheet (per color)... so for about $1.20 (and about an hour and a half to make the templates and the construction) my Reesie has a super cute knock off! :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sicky Sickerson pt 2

Rachel here. Okay, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with the clear snot that is pouring from my youngest's nose. It has to do with my obsession which has quickly turned into an addiction with Etsy... SICK I TELL YOU! I couldn't help but order the 3 following items for my girls for our trip to Disney World. Because seriously... the trip would not be nearly as fun without hot accessories! :) I ordered the top and bottom barrettes in this first picture. CUTE RIGHT?
Then for my Reesie: (A friend just returned from Disney World and bought a pair of these for her little girl from the Disney Property. Sadly it's a property we won't be going to, and I was in dire straits. Luckily someone makes them... and all was right with the world.)

Then for my little Emma Grace... TO DIE FOR:
I've also gone ahead and purchased 2 AMAZINGLYWONDERFUL items, but I'll wait to disclose those until they arrive. :) Over there to the right I've started a list of some of our favorite shops... take a peek... but beware... you may become an "i want my child to be adorable" fiend.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi my name is Rachel, and I'm addicted to Etsy. Etsy in general but this week specifically... MayCrimson's shop (you can click on her name if you'd like to check out her shop... I HIGHLY recommend it). She features felt barrettes, and I heart them. Last year at Blacksburg's annual "Steppin' Out" festival, there was a booth that had tutus, pillowcase dresses... anything adorably necessary for a little girl. ;) She also happened to have some felt barrettes. I bought two of them for Reese. One was a purple owl, and the other was a little brown puppy dog. They are literally to die for. She wore them everyday. Then when I was in California, I bought 4ish more for the girls from a little boutique. I decided that this was going to be my new addiction, and that I would need to learn how to make them if I wanted to stay married. :) I immediately jumped on and found some great great vendors. One vendor had two Mickey/Minnie Mouse barrettes that I bought for the girls for our approaching trip to Disney World. Then I copied a bunch of pictures of the ones I couldn't live with out... I mean ones the girls couldn't live without. ;) Now my new adventure is to create them myself. Good thing I'm crafty because they are GORGEOUS. These are 4 of the dozens that I adored from MayCrimson's shop. Why didn't I have these when I was little?!

Trying times

Rachel here. Trying times. That's what we've been having a lot of around here. Now that Emma Grace is SERIOUSLY on the move, Reese is spending more time either distressed/screaming/crying on the couch hoarding her belongings or in timeout. :( It's extremely difficult trying to get Reese to understand that Emma G just loves her so much, she wants to be around her and her toys. We're trying. We sit with Reese and explain to her that Emma G doesn't understand... blah... blah... blah. It's a time that's for sure.

And then we have moments like these that make you forget how hard the other moments are:

Since Emma Grace is in the beginning stages of cruising, I thought it would be a good time to bring out her push behind toy to get her familiar with the idea of walking with it. These pictures and video could seriously melt your heart... not to mention my girls actually look a lot alike in them. :)

Happy Hump Day!

5 minutes


Turns out Emma Grace really likes Crayola Window Crayons too.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chuck E Cheese Hell

Sunday we ventured to The 'Noke to hit up the Chuck E Cheese. Before our pizza came, Mommy and Daddy let me play on the big kid slide. It's basically a series of tunnels attached to the ceiling with a slide that connects at the end. These happen to make Mommy extremely nervous because she's afraid a big kid is going to trap me in the tunnel, not let me out, say mean things to me, and then she won't be able to hear me crying. Oy vey.

Once the pizza arrived, Emma Grace was all about pretending to eat it.

Me? Not so much. I threw a temper tantrum.

After Mommy and Daddy were finished with their dinner, we all went about to pretend to win some tickets.

Good thing we got in plenty of playing because soon after this picture was taken I peed on the toddler slide. BLISS.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Game

This past Saturday was Tech's annual Spring Game. The weather was supposed to be anything but desirable, so we hadn't planned on going. There was a kid's type festival before the game with bounce houses that we wanted to check out though, so we ventured off to campus. There were quite a few tailgates that were offering FREE food, so we hit up the Macado's tent and had yummy sandwiches and bottled water. Isn't my wee little sister the cutiest in her hat?
After meandering around and mooching off of anyone we could, we made it to the bounce houses! Mommy just about had a fit when she saw the bounce house. How the holy mother was I supposed to play on that thing?

I basically told her to slow her roll... all would be well with the world; she just needed to trust me.

And that... Mommy dearest... is how it's done. :)
We also did manage to make it to the Spring Game... well for the first quarter anyway... Daddy missed the entire thing though because I was pretending I had to go potty 30,000 times. :)

Sicky Sickerson

Hey y'all! Emma Grace here. I'm sick. Good times. Mommy took me to the pediatrician this morning because I've had a heinous cough since last Wednesday, and the tip of my nose is bleeding from her wiping the snot off of my face so much. Luckily my lungs sounded great, my ears were perfect... no signs of infection, and my throat was clear clear clear. The ruling... allergies. :( Claritin is going to be my good friend for the next couple of weeks. This little visit was super great though because I got to have an official weigh in. I'm a whopping 19 lbs... whoop whoop! I'm definitely on track to be turned around in my carseat just in time for all of our wild and crazy roadtrips that are coming up.

Here are some other new things we're up to... besides trying to climb the stairs, I can pull myself up on ANYTHING...

Reese doesn't like my new found ability one bit. She almost had a coronary when I learned to crawl. Now her life is in shambles, and she spends most of the time yelling at me from the couch... her throne.

Daddy also put my big girl carseat in Mommy's car, which is beyond exciting. We'll be venturing to Florida, Iowa, and Pennsylvania all in the month of June, so I'll need to be super comfortable. :)
And last but not least, Mommy converted our Sit-n-Stand for Reese. Now instead of our double stroller, it's a tandem, so she can have more freedom. Mommy is excited though because it seems to have opened up loads of room for shopping bags. :)