Saturday, March 29, 2008

Girl's weekend... random fun

Here are some more pictures from our girl's weekend.

Thank you ladies for a great weekend!!!!

Mommy Reesie Time

It was nice going on a trip with my mommy. While we spend a lot of time together, sometimes we get stuck in the house doing the same things over and over. The weather was so nice at Heather's that we got to enjoy one another's company in the sweet fresh air.I just love my mommy's necklace. Maybe because it's a picture of Moi! :) Look at how much fun we were having!

Vera Bradley

So Mommy is slightly obsessed with Vera Bradley and was super excited to hear there was a shop quite close to Heather's house. So what else did we do? We we went and had a photoshoot of course! No wonder Mommy has such a hard time choosing... there are just so many!Me and my long time friend Heather. :)
Seriously Mother... just pick one... you're making my head hurt!

My new BFF

So Mommy, my friend Amy, and I went to visit my new BFF Heather. It was SOOOO much fun! It was my first girls weekend, and I can't wait for the next one!:)
Here I am with Heather. I had just had a super busy day of shopping... hence the "dazed and confused" expression.
This is Heather's husband Tim. He was super nice to me. I would sit there and flirt flirt flirt with him. Doesn't it look like I'm smacking my mommy's hiney in the background? :)

Monday, March 24, 2008


My Mommy and Daddy are both singing from the mountaintops because...
I will be signing autographs at your nearest Babies R' Us and in the near future I plan on finding a cure for Cancer. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Today was the best Easter ever! Granted it was my first. :) Mommy, Daddy, and I went to my Grandma and Grandaddy's church for service and then to lunch at their house. It was super cool because I got to hang out with my great gma Nana.

I even got to be a part of another generation picture. Here we have 4!
Here I am with Grandma and Grandaddy.
And again... sporting my ears.


So yesterday was once again Pattison Family Fun Day and we began by going to meet some football players. Adibi, Flowers, and Brown were signing autographs at a local hotel here in Blacksburg before they are to go pro, so we took the opportunity to meet them.

Here they are signing autographs for all the nice people of Blacksburg.

Here is Auntie Lu with Adibi. Some would say she has a slight obsession... Mommy can relate... anyone heard of FRANK BEAMER?! Let's be serious kids!

Mommy got in on the action as well. She realizes she looks like she ate an entire cow and it went straight to her arm, but we digress.

Then here you have me, relaxin' with my new fooseball... with autographs. GO HOKIES!

Yertle the Turtle

Auntie Lu bought me a Yertle the Turtle. I will forever be in debt to her because I love him. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I got to have a popsicle today! Now Mommy knows I'm only 5 months old, but she figured a little wouldn't kill me. She really just wanted to see what I would do with something so cold near my mouth. I'll tell ya what I did... I licked it, and frankly... I liked it! :)

Don't you worry though... Mommy is not going to make this a habit. :)

Blocks are cool

Mommy has noticed that I want to get my hands on EVERYTHING. She's afraid I'm going to get bored with some of my toys, so she's pulling some new ones out from all nooks and crannies of the house. Today she let me play with these little blocks. It was super fun! They were small enough for me to get my hands on, but big enough that I could put them in my mouth and not choke. What Mommy doesn't understand is that I really want to play with Winston, but he isn't very friendly... so I'll stick with the blocks. :)


So I still don't understand this whole St. Patty's Day thing, but I did notice Mommy and Daddy drinking some green "water" out of rather large looking fishbowl things. IIII DUNNO! It was fun though... they took me to Macado's for the first time. Everyone was singing and dancing around. There was plenty there to entertain me.

And here I am chillin' with the parentals. Sorry it's so blurry. Mommy and I had a photoshoot yesterday, and I started playing WITH the camera, and Mommy didn't know I had hit a button by mistake. :) Mommy got too close to me, so I pulled her hair.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day you guys!!!! I'm so excited... this is my first one. Now I don't really understand this holiday at all, but Mommy bought me a new outfit... so honestly... who cares what it's about?! :) She even made me wear this silly thing on my head. Now Mommy is VERY against those silly hairbands people insist on putting in their little girls' hair, so people know they are in fact looking at a baby girl. I became a victim of this awful trend today... but for the record... it was a garter Mommy got in the dollar section at Target. :)

Black and Whites

So Mommy is slightly obsessed with black and whites right now.

Mommy and Daddy haven't gotten any professional photographs taken of me yet, but they have loads of "tender moments" of/with me. What better way to make them look lovely and perhaps professional??? BLACK AND WHITE of course!

Here are some special moments with my daddy:

And with my mommy:
Sleepy bug:

And finally... look at my little face! How can you possibly resist it?!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can she get any cuter???

Sitting up is for babies... I want to stand

Rachel here. Bryan was playing with Reesie today, and it was so cute. She was laying on her little yellow and white blanket trying to lift her head. Now when she does this, we try to immediately help her to sit up. Bryan grabbed her little hands and was pulling her up (don't worry he was gentle... not barbaric), when she went right to her feet and didn't turn back.

Rolling over... the opera

We continue to practice... when it happens Mommy will sing it from the highest mountain top!

She's so close... I could scream from the mountain tops right now. :)

Pattison Family Fun Day

So yesterday was Pattison Family Fun Day. The rainy weather and my ability to stay awake and cranky put a bit of a damper on many of our plans. We began by going to The Olive Garden for some lunch. I managed to remain calm and smile at all the friendly people wanting to kidnap me from my family. I never get sick of the "oohs" and the "ahhs."

Then it was off to the mall. Mommy had some gift coupons to use at a couple of the stores. Now Daddy hates the mall, so he and I hung out and watched a Boy Scout Troup compete against one another with their pinewood derby cars. SO FUN. Mommy soon met up with us again with three rather SMALL bags thank you very much.
While walking around the mall we discovered the Easter Bunny. We got in line to get our pictures taken, but the girl told Mommy the camera wasn't working, and that if we had a camera we were more than welcome to take some snapshots. You better believe Mommy took advantage of this whopping opportunity. You see if we were to pay for our photos, Daddy would easily have to search for another job. Mommy whipped out that camera before the girl could finish her sentence. As soon as Mommy was done with my photoshoot, the girl mentioned that the camera was now in working order... we could get our pictures done. Well Mommy is no fool... she kindly said that we got about 6 good shots, and we felt that was probably good enough for today. :) Muahahahahaha!

Mommy and Daddy wanted to take me to the library... which we did, and Mommy picked out some fabulous books for me to peruse. We also wanted to take a little walk on the Huckleberry Trail... but alas the rain canceled that. I was quickly becoming a tired wreck, so Mommy and Daddy took me home... for a lovely nap. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cereal... check

I'm down with all this cereal jazz... now what??? FEED ME STEAK!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So Mommy has been trying to capture this face for months now. Unfortunately the camera was within arms reach when I started to show all I got. Here world... is my poop face.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

5 months old!

Here I am in all my 5 month glory!

Monday, March 10, 2008


On our way back from our trip we had to take an alternate route. Both ways we usually go were being slammed with blizzard conditions, so Daddy told us to head toward Nashville. Mommy and Uncle Aaron were pooped, so we stopped in Nashville for the night. On our way Mommy saw a sign for Metropolis "home of the giant Superman statue." How could she NOT stop? HELLO! Here is Uncle Aaron with the utterly amazing man himself.

I got in on the action as well...

Look at how awesomely buff I am for almost 5 months!

More pictures from Iowa

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All my fun relatives!

So part of our visit to Iowa was my getting the chance to meet all of Mommy's relatives. First we met my great gma Nita. She was super nice to me and gave me the funniest bunny rabbit for Easter. Next we snuck into the hospital to visit my great gpa Jack. Mommy forgot the camera, so we didn't get a picture. Then a mean nurse lady came in and kicked us out! THE NERVE! Luckily gpa Jack got to come home before I had to head back to Virginia.

Mommy also took me to meet my great gma Betty. Her apartment is hot! We got to eat lunch with her and her girlfriends. I was definitely a hit there!
Now I'm lucky enough to be a part of 5 generations! Mommy says that's pretty rare, so we made sure to take advantage of our visit and get a picture to document it. Here I am with my Mommy, Nana, great gma Nita, and my great great gma Kehoe... 5 generations of Kehoe women!
Oh, and I can't forget my great aunt Kerry. She's super funny and loved to keep me off track when Mommy would try to feed me. I think I'm gonna like that one. She's good people. :)
And I mustn't forget my Nana. I very rarely get to see my Nana, so this visit was super special because I got to see her for an entire week!

Iowa was great and I can't wait to visit again!

The snow

Oh how Mommy has missed the snow. She used to think it snowed a lot in Virginia... Iowa put that all to shame. I'm not sure how many inches there were when we got there... definitely over a foot though! The snow was the perfect backdrop for all of the visiting deer too! These were taken from my great gparents' living room window.


Hey there! Sorry it's been so long. Mommy, Uncle Aaron, and I had to take a surprise trip out to Iowa to see my great-gpa Jack. He had to spend some time in the hospital, but not to worry... he is feeling much better now and is home safe with my great gma Nita.

Mommy thought that this would be the perfect time to pay her respects to the fallen at NIU seeing as how it wasn't too far out of the way. She wanted to leave a t-shirt at their memorial as well.