Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here's the rundown: 
~ Wk 1 (8 wks pp) 140.8 lbs
~ Wk 3 (11 wks pp) 142.4
~ Wk 4 (12 wks pp) 138.7
~ Wk 5 (13 wks pp) 137.1 (Let's be for real... It's not a gain, but it's not very impressive. :)  I tried not to binge, but I didn't try not to gain, so I'm happy with a pound down.  Plus, I can see a slight difference in my 8 wks pp and my 13 wks pp photo, so I'm feeling good and rejuvenated for this week.  I'm almost to the weight I was after having Reese when I got pregnant with Emma Grace.  I'm getting there... slowly but surely!)


3 month comparison...
Berkley ~ left
Reese ~ top
Emma Grace ~ bottom

3 months old

 Hello world!  I'm 3 months old... woot woot! :)  While I don't have a well visit until 4 months, Mommy has informed me that I'm a whopping 12.8 lbs.  Say what?!  Perhaps I should pay attention to those love handles like the mama. ;)  I'm busting out of my size 1 diapers... Mommy and Daddy are pushing it, and I have very few 0-3 month clothing I can still fit into. 
 Some things have changed this past month.  I can now fall asleep in my swing!  Hallelujah!  AND I kind of like the front carrier.  Still a no go on the paci... suckers!
 I'm eating TONS still, but I'm quite content between feedings.  Mommy feeds me, and then I love to be turned outward sitting up, so I can see the world.  I can sit like that for hours... literally... as long as you catch me in time to eat again or to be put in my swing before I get fussy from exhaustion.  Mommy still hasn't paid much attention to how often she feeds me, but if she had to guess... probably about every 3 hours from 7am to 7pm.  I go down for bed a little after 7.  Mommy can expect to me to wake back up within the hour for a little snack, and then I'm good until about 3 am... and then down until about 730.  There have been a hand full of times though that I've gone 12+ hours... Mommy can sense it coming... uninterrupted SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! :)
 I'm smiling and cooing up a storm and love to play with my sisters.  Tummy time is still a joke, but I love my Bumbo, so Mommy knows my neck is getting stronger and stronger.
 I'm so cute... I could eat myself up. ;)
And for your viewing pleasure...

Happy Father's Day!

Yeah... I know... It's the end of July, and yes we are actually just now celebrating our daddy.  Truth of the matter is... we've been ridiculously busy with anything and everything.  We were traveling on Father's Day to Iowa, and then the week turned into preparing for Grandma Betty's funeral that we really just lost time and energy.  Friday though we took Daddy out for a yummy dinner.  Sunday brought on the rest of the celebration with hand drawn pictures by me, an adventure to the driving range, and then yummy frozen yogurt at the Frosty Parrot.  While we love our daddy each and every day, it's nice to take out ONE SPECIAL day to show him how much we really care about him... even if it's not the same day the rest of the world does. :)  We love you Daddy!

Shark week

So we've been experiencing a bit of a phenomenon around here.  Shark week to be frank.  It all started when I went to the dentist back in June for my 6 month check up.  My dentist apparently mentioned to Mommy and Daddy that my two middle bottom teeth were SLIGHTLY loose... like you wouldn't have known at all unless you were a dentist.  Mommy was told that they would MORE THAN LIKELY be gone  come fall.  Fast forward to the week we lost power and had to venture to Tidewater to seek refuge around July 4th.  I was eating a marshmallow and noticed it was turning RED... FREAK OUT time.  Mommy looked in my mouth and noticed that I had two ADULT teeth BARELY popping through and that my teeth were WAY LOOSER than they had been a mere month earlier.  OY VEY.  Then recently Mommy had been noticing my two baby teeth moving further and further apart.  She felt she REALLY needed to pull my looser of the two teeth out, so that I wouldn't swallow it.  Not to mention I was starting to look like a crazy West Virginian with severe teeth issues. ;)  Here's a before of the shenanigans....
 And an after!  After QUITE A BIT of coaxing, I let Mommy pull my tooth.  It was amazing.  I cried and cried and cried, and then Mommy did it, and it was AWESOME.  I didn't even realize it was out!  Looking at my face, it's the middle bottom tooth on the left... I know it's hard to tell with my adult tooth already there.

 The tooth fairy gave me a dollar bill WITH FAIRY DUST on it and an Eisenhower dollar for safe keeping.  It was so cool, and now I can't wait for the second one to come out!
 Berkley was excited for me too. :)
Did I mention I'm not even 5 yet!?  People have been asking Mommy if my baby teeth came in earlier than usual for me to be loosing them so early.  Nope... I didn't get my first tooth until about 10-11 months old.  I'm just gifted like that. ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Berkley meets Nana


Here's the rundown: 
~ Wk 1 (8 wks pp) 140.8 lbs (Now don't get me wrong... 140 is NOT an awful weight by any stretch of the imagination... HOWEVER... I'm 5 ft 4ish, and it's just not cute.)
~ Wk 3 (11 wks pp) 142.4 (ROCK ON!)
~ Wk 4 (12 wks pp) 138.7 (AWESOME!  I was so excited about the loss that I ate an entire frozen pizza last night... by myself.  Clearly I have a lot to work on. HA!)
~ Points allowed per day 29 (This is based on the OLD WW point system. I've not really been keeping up with point tracking... oh the time it takes!  I'm also quite nervous about my milk supply.  Seeing as how I pumped 15 oz this morning, I think I need to relax, but it's still something I need to keep an eye on.  I've been drinking way more water than usual, not snacking just to snack, and I've been using a smaller plate to control portion sizes.  I think I can... I think I can...)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


3 years old...
Reese is on the left
Emma Grace is on the right
Also just for fun.... this was Emma Grace when Reese was 3!
Big smiles!
Berkley left
Reese top
Emma Grace bottom

2 months old... cont.

Alrighty kids.  We FINALLY had my 2 month well visit.  If you remember, we had to reschedule it and skip town due to a) no power, b) no air conditioning, and c) no hot water.  So here it goes:

Weight:  11 lbs 12 oz (I got rolls for miles people!)
"Height": 22 whatever they measure in... blah blah blah

My shots made me pretty cranky, and super tired.  The last couple of days I've woken up multiple times at night wanting to eat.  VERY out of the ordinary.  Since I've come home from the hospital, it's been one wake up at night.  Three nights ago... 3 times, 2 nights ago... 2 times, last night once... but it was at 11 pm as opposed to 3 am.  We're slowly getting back to normal.  Good thing because when Mommy wakes up to feed me, she tends to stay awake for hours on end mentally decorating our new non-existent house... sicko. :)

Operation Love Handles

We have a 2 lb change people!!!!  Of course that change was a gain and not a loss.  HA!  I've had a hard time even pretending to watch what I eat these last couple of weeks.  We've had 3 birthday parties and have gone out of town twice.  Traveling food + yummy birthday cake + too much pizza consumption has done me in.  So alas... we begin again.  I'll spare a photo because who wants to see a gain?  Oy.

Here's the rundown: 
~ Wk 1 (8 wks pp) 140.8 lbs
~ Points allowed per day 30 (This is based on the OLD WW point system.) 
~ Wk 3 (11 wks pp) 142.4 (ROCK ON!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just chillin' poolside

The last day before heading back to The Burg, we had a BBQ/Pool Party at Gpa and Pearl's with Nana and Pop.  It was a lot of fun, and I spent ALL day in the pool.

Isn't summertime grand?

Take me out to the ballgame...

Saturday was Talon's Detroit Tigers baseball themed bday party.  It was HOT, so we basically ran a muck in Tommy and Angie's home for 2 hours. :)  The decor was fabulous, the food was creative, the cake was yummy, and the company was impeccable.  We love birthdays. :)

We have amazing friends. :)