Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hmmm... snow

So my first snow happened last week while we were in Abingdon. Mommy took some pictures, but she didn't want to post on my blog because she felt like she was cheating on Blacksburg. We had to wait until we got back here at home and take pictures of me in the Blacksburg snow. My super hot ski bunny snowsuit was here at home anyway. :) Here are some pictures from both places.
My first real snow in Abingdon.
My first Blacksburg snow... and I'm sure it won't be my last because it's SUPER cold! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jackson my love

I don't know if you all remember, but the last time My Jackson came to visit me, I was a bit on the cranky side.
This time Mommy gave me fair warning, and I was able to practice being a fun girl who tries not to cry a whole lot. I was so excited to have him come to visit me! Here are some pictures from our fun visit.
My Jackson was a bit sleepy from his long day of visiting some of his family, so it took him a little while to warm up to me.
Here we are feeling each other out.
My Jackson really likes to suck on feet... your's, mine, his own... he doesn't discriminate. :)
Here we are bonding on the floor.
I knew My Jackson had to go home the following day, but I just didn't know if I could take it. Here he is trying to tell me that it would be okay... he would see me again.
We had so much fun I wish he could have stayed longer, but Mommy said maybe next time.

Bye Jackson... see you later! I heart you!!! :)

My head

So one morning in Abingdon, Mommy was "running" with me on my blankie and decided to roll me over. Which really consists of me laying on my back, her grabbing my legs, and moving them all around, so I feel like I'm running. Now this was nothing out of the ordinary. Mommy pretty much gave up on the whole lifting my head thing and moved to trying to get me to learn to roll over. So I'm "running" along, and I turn my head to one side and Mommy rolls me over... I've done it millions of time before, but this time I had a surprise for Mommy. As soon as she rolled me over my head popped up like a bagel coming out of the toaster! And to top it off... I kept it like that for what seemed like forever. Mommy thought it may have been a fluke, so she gave me some time to regain my composure, and flipped me over again. Up went my pumpkin. What can I say... I'm just that good. :)
Not only did I surprise Mommy with this new feat, but I also decided to give her a little bit of this action...
I must have played with that thing all day! I'm a growing girl!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 months old

Well people... I'm 3 months old! Mommy can't believe how much I've grown. As hard as it was in the beginning Mommy still wishes I would go back to being super small. Looking back at some of my old pictures she says I don't even look like the same baby. With a new age comes new experiences she says.
My new experiences are me becoming VERY interested in my toys and jungle gyms. Mommy is so excited watching me flail my legs about and accidentally hitting the hanging toys. While she misses me being little, she can't wait until I reach out and touch them on purpose.
I'm also learning to sit up like a big girl thanks to my new Bumbo! Mommy was so excited she got it for $25 at Once Upon a Child... what a deal! It took a while for her to sell the idea to Daddy, but she was very assertive and quite convincing. :) I wonder what Daddy is going to do when I can talk and end up just like Mommy??? ;)


So Daddy has to be out of town for the next couple of months... in Abingdon. Mommy was not at all excited about this venture, but Daddy's company was nice enough to rent a little apartment for us so we could all be together. We were there for a few days last week getting settled in and trying to learn our way around. Mommy took me out the second day we were there to look for the library. She wanted to get a library card that she could share with me, so we could check out some board books for me to look at. We were both very excited to find out that they also have a Story Time like Radford on Wednesdays. Mommy says we may just go check it out. :) Here are some pictures of our little apartment.
I like it okay... as long as Mommy lets me watch Sesame Street in the morning. :) It appears I've taken a liking to Bert and Ernie.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Library

Oh my god... so today I went to the library for the very first time! Mommy's friend Jaime from high school invited her to come to story time for 0-24 month olds at the Radford Public Library, so we decided to check it out. We got to sing, dance, play musical instruments, read a story, and we even learned some sign language! I mean granted I'm only almost 3 months old, so really I just sat there and looked around at all the other kids rocking out, but it was still a blast. It was so fun... it wore me out completely. I can't wait to go next week! :)
Here I am with my new friend Jaime.

Some quirky facts

So I thought I would share a few little things with you that Mommy has been working on with me. She's a real slave driver. Poor thing refuses to give up on me with tummy time. Sometimes I cooperate and sometimes I don't. My head goes up people... I swear it does... sometimes. It's fun to keep her guessing. Now adding to the head lifting she's practicing rolling over with me. I think it is super fun when she helps me, but when she just leaves me there to scream and try to figure it out on my own ... I don't enjoy it.
Mommy is also trying to get me to hold on to things. I've held my bunny rattle a couple of times with her help. The other day though I was helping to take down the Christmas tree, and practiced holding a santa ornament.
It's very difficult for me to get my hands around things because I like to protect my thumbs. Mommy and Daddy have to use a crowbar to pry it away from the rest of my fingers. I'll let it free if it's on my terms. For example... I like to try to hold my bottle when someone is feeding me... my terms... trying to make hand prints for my baby book... not my terms. For a while there Mommy was trying to get me to suck my thumb, but I'd really rather just suck on my entire fist.
I'm making all kinds of really fun sounds too. I like to surprise Mommy and Daddy with something new and funny everyday. :)

Daddy's obsession

Whenever Mommy and Daddy are in Florida, Daddy has to stop in Jacksonville to go to the Budweiser Brewery. They went over the summer when Daddy was in Boca for some business. Mommy got to go through the brewery tour for the 234523458th time and then sit and watch Daddy drink his Budweiser and Bud Light "samples." Now there are tons of different things Daddy could try, but it's always Budweiser and Bud Light. This time Mommy got to partake in the fun as well, so there was less bitterness. Even I got to have some fun in the hospitality room!
Since this is such a special part of Daddy's life, we decided to get a family portrait taken with Larry.
Florida was enjoyable, but I just wanted to go home to Hokieburg!

Welcome to Miami

Well, Miami was DREADFUL... says Mommy. First my HOKIES lost... bum bum bum... then TONS of other ridiculously inconvenient things happened like eating at a restaurant where there was a gas leak, and ending with a blow out going 78 mph in Georgia... but we are alive, and Mommy says we should be thankful. I got to go to the game, but it was kind of chilly and rainy, so Mommy didn't let me out to get my picture taken. :( A nice man sitting behind us gave Mommy his fleece to keep me super warm... I was sweating! It turns out that the man was with a group of people from Wytheville/Rural Retreat! WHAT ARE THE ODDS????? One of the men happened to be one of Daddy's teachers from a long time ago, and was tickled that Daddy was married and had me... Mommy thought this was just hysterical! :) ZZ Top was the halftime show, and they hurt my ears, so Mommy took me near the restrooms so I didn't cry. Uncle Aaron had to take pictures for her.

We stayed in Miami the next day to do some sightseeing and go to the beach... where it rained... every time we stepped on to the sand... Mommy is a little bitter. :) Uncle Aaron and Mommy really wanted to go to Miami Ink, so we hunted it down.

Daddy always tells this stupid joke about chinese food and ends up saying something about "cream of sum yum gai"... wouldn't you know it's a real place!

We then went to Ocean Drive and looked at Versace's mansion, we witnessed a domestic dispute between a crazy guy and his even crazier girlfriend who ran into the bathroom screaming while Mommy was in there... needless to say Mommy got scared and ran away. GOOD TIMES! We finally arrived on the sand! It was sooooo cool!

I wished it was warmer, so I could have worn my hot bikini Mommy's friend Heather bought me, but it was not. I guess I'll have to wait until this summer after all. :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My special friends

The holidays seem to bring people together, which is great for me because I got to meet tons of great people. Here are all my new friends!!!
Kelley and me at the bowling alley.My new friend Amy; she's going to be a mama soon! That means I'll have a new little friend to play with!
That Jamie Lee guy is super funny!
My friend Amy got me a super nice sweater and little birdie to hang off my stroller... I love her.
Even Daddy's friend Kim came to see me!
For New Year's Eve, I got to hang out with Briana, Mommy, Auntie Lu, and Amy... it was so fun!

I also got to see my Auntie Jen, but Mommy forgot to take pictures... I'm super sad because I liked my friends Jen and Rusty. :( "We'll be sure to get some next time," said Mommy.

My first Christmas

Wow what a busy couple of weeks I've had! They began with my very first Christmas, which was super fun. We started the day before Christmas Eve with my daddy's family in Radford. I got to meet My great-gma, my daddy's aunts and uncles, and even some of my cousins! Here is me with my cousin Krista!Christmas Eve was spent with my Granny and Grandaddy. We went around and looked at Christmas lights, decorated sugar cookies (well, I watched... I can't quite control my hands yet), ate a super yummy dinner, and then opened presents. I got so many super great things... Mommy and Daddy learned very quickly how spoiled I'm going to be! :) Here I am with Raggedy Ann and Andy.
I didn't only get very nice gifts, but I gave some as well. I gave each of my grandparents this lovely vase with my picture and footprint on it. I think they all liked it a lot.

Christmas Day was spent with my Nana and Pop. We woke up super early that morning and drove to Norfolk for a little visit. I got some really nice things there too. Uncle Aaron got me some really nice books, and Mommy conned Nana out of her spastic Elmo for me. :) I love my Nana!
Here I am with Amanda too!

Then it was off to Grandpa and Pearl's. They got me lots of stuffed animals and a giant piggy bank with my name on it... now all I need is some money. :) I also learned how to watch tv. Although Die Hard was very interesting I think I'll stick to Baby Einstein dvds.

Special thanks to everyone!!!!