Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays!

We'll be spending the next 2 weeks celebrating Christmas with our wonderful families and closest of friends, and we hope you'll be doing the same! We'll update on all of our holiday adventures after the new year. Until then... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!!!!

Bigger and better

We love that Mommy thought of us and gave us a little tree to decorate everyday/all day 'til our little hearts are content, but we have other plans. We've managed to pull all the ornaments off of the tree from as high as we can reach. We have then placed the ornaments wherever we'd like. Sometimes this means 5 or 6 ornaments on one branch, and sometimes it means they are all on the very bottom branches touching the floor. It appears we may have taken tree decorating lessons from Uncle Aaron. Speaking of Uncle Aaron... both he and Uncle Gunner taught me and the sister how to "whip my hair back and forth"... it's a good time, and I like to bust it out at the most random times only to have Emma Grace follow suit... I like to keep the elderly on their toes.

Over the Hill

Last weekend we ventured to Suffolk to celebrate Grandpa's 50th. We had a great dinner out and a super yummy cake at home. Mommy and Daddy busted hump to make Grandpa a cornhole set... I think he liked it. :) Happy Birthday Grandpa!


Meet the newest member of our family... Bobnewhart... pronounced Bob Newhart. Yeah he's pretty awesome. He's our "Elf on a Shelf". Mommy's been whining to adopt one since I was born (this is Reese by the way... I'm kind of a big deal). Grandpa and Pearl got it for us for Christmas and let us open it early to start the tradition. Basically Santa sent him our way to keep an eye on me and the baby sister. He even let us name him. Personally I wanted to name him "Ho." I can't specify whether I was in to the holly jolly season or had just viewed a documentary on ladies of the night, but Mommy vetoed it nonetheless... thus was born Bobnewhart. So anywhoodle. Bobnewhart watches us all day long, visits Santa while we're sleeping, and reports his findings. He then returns the following morning only to show up in an entirely different location as the day prior. It's a jolly good show if you ask me. Rachel here. I won't lie... it's pretty funny to hear Reese say "no Emma... don't do that... Bobnewhart is watching!"


Rachel here. We haven't been up to too much these days. It's been cold outside, and we've mostly been veggin' on the couch watching Christmas movies... and we loved it... for the record. :) The girls have done a few fun activities... some Christmas themed...

... and some not.
Looks disgustingly intriguing doesn't it? ;) Can you tell someone is overly tired from the up and coming holiday shenanigans already... oy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Breastkiss with Santa

Sunday Mommy and Daddy took us to have "breastkiss" (aka... breakfast) with Santa. I spotted him and ran right to him. Emma Grace spotted him and ran right to Daddy. :) In her defense he was the creepiest lamest Santa ever. Not only was he lacking hair, which accentuated the elastic holding his beard on, BUT he was wearing a dark blue shirt underneath his Santa outfit... we could see it hanging out in the front. Oy.
BREAKFAST!I got to color a picture of Santa and write him a letter (Mommy helped, but I signed my own name thank you very much) of what I wanted. I was even sweet enough to ask for something for EG as well. :) Classic. :)

2 things...

... happened Saturday. 1. THIS is what a fan of the champion of the ACC looks like. Holler! Check out my swagger. ;)
2. It snowed! A LOT! Well 3-4ish inches, but for the first snow of the season... that's pretty good. I loved it, and Emma Grace hated it... until we brought her inside, and then she screamed and cried because she wanted to go BACK outside. TODDLERS!

Homemade Christmas... continued

Rachel here. Here's the cape that I made for Reese. She picked out the fabric herself. Flashy huh? ;) The green is some crazy sequin thingy, and the pink underneath is velour. Very Housewives of just about anywhere. I did the "r" emblem with felt and sewed that on by hand, and then used the machine to put the two pieces together. I still need to attach some velcro for the attachement and am seriously considering taking out that top stitch to redo it. Both fabrics were very bouncy, so it was very hard to keep in place. In general, I'm pretty happy with it and will definitely be making one for Emma Grace (but probably out of felt and fleece).
One of my other projects was going to be to make Reese an "I Spy" bag. I found them all over Etsy and thought they were adorable. It was just something I wasn't looking forward to making because I am NO seamstress. I happend to find one used at Once Upon a Child and nearly fell over. $4.50! A little bit of cleaning up, and we're good to go!

Christmas activities Part 1

Rachel here. Here are some of the Christmas activities we've done so far. The ever popular window clings. Reese puts them up, and 2.3 seconds later Emma Grace takes them down. ;)
Reese helped me make an "I Spy" bottle for her for her shelf. I just have to get the picture of the items to spy printed out and laminated, and it'll find a home on her shelf. We used some trinkets we found at Michael's, sugar as the filler, and a plastic water bottle. Super simple. I spotted it on many sites, so I knew I could handle it.

Bryan and I hit up the Dollar Tree down the street probably once a month for little things that the girls can do or play with that are inexpensive. I found this big felt Christmas tree and had the girls glue buttons all over it to resemble ornaments. I love it so much that it'll make an appearance ever year.
Thanks to my Gma Betty, the girls got this talking Santa that reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas." We happen to have a copy that the girls can look at while he's reading to them.
This little table is set up in their play room. Thomas the tank engine trains with their ceramic tree and snowmen that they can dress/undress.
A couple years back we bought a mini tree for Reese for her playroom. I pulled it out this year and have it placed with a small basket of cushy ornaments. The girls can decorate the tree over and over again whenever they want.
We also have the girls' wooden nativity set from
One Step Ahead (<-----Andria!). We love it, and the girls can't break it... it's a winner!
Today I hopped back on the Montessori bandwagon. Reese has been begging me to get with the program, so she worked on a red/green stone transferring activity.We painted these pathetic little sun catchers from DT... they weren't even worth the dollar we spent on them... horrid.
The stamp packs we bought though are great, and Reese even worked on color patterns with her finger prints. I turned it into a little caterpillar.
Perhaps we're not too young for the wonderful world of Ed Wemberly. :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Fe Express

Dear Nana and Pop,
Thank you so much for the AWESOME train set. Yes, we realize you gave it to us about a year ago now, but we FINALLY found the time and energy to seek out a battery. We stumbled upon a shop yesterday while out and about, and Daddy was sure to hit up said venue today after work and came home with the battery in hand. We heart it, and we heart you. :)

Reese & Emma Grace


Rachel here. We've been taking home preschool pretty easy the last few weeks. Lots of free play, lots of free art, lots of cartoons, lots of relaxation... not so many intentional montessori activities. I know Reese will be heading off to Montessori school in a little over a month, and perhaps it's making me want to take it easy... I don't know. Besides Reese doing a couple of Thanksgiving art projects in art class, we didn't do anything Thanksgiving related. :(We did manage to finally finish our letter 'o'. Lifesaver mints in the shape of 'o', and an octopus... the little suction cup thingies are buttons. We love buttons around these parts.Bryan was also home most of last week for the holiday and did some baking with the girls.
There are tons of really great Christmas/winter projects I've already found, so hopefully I'll have some great ideas to share. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Christmas tree is up!
I got to pick the very special place for Gpa Jack's Christmas ornament Nana gave Mommy last year. It didn't stay there long though. Emma Grace and I like to pull it off the tree, open it, and look at it... then we put it back somewhere else on the tree. :)
Christmas decor makes me happy. :)

Big Red

We stopped in to visit with my broham S.C. Emma Grace loved the joker from afar, but as Mommy got closer all hell (I realize I'm only 3... rest assured such filth doesn't actually come out of my mouth... gasp!) broke loose.
Luckily Mommy came and snagged Emma Grace, so that I could get down to business and discuss my desire for a remote control car. I requested a boat for the bathtub for the little sister.

SIDENOTE: Rachel here. On the way home, Reese screamed out of nowhere... "OH NO!" "Reese what's wrong?" "I FORGOT TO ASK SANTA FOR A PINK SPRINKLY BUNNY... TURN AROUND... GO BACK!" She also proceeded to scold the sun for getting in her eyes. "NO SUN! YOU GO TO TIMEOUT! YOU WILL NOT GET A REMOTE CONTROL CAR! YOU ARE A BAD FRIEND!" :)
We also helped ourselves to the holiday train. Yes, Emma Grace cried at the beginning of the train ride as well. She has issues with leaving Mommy's hip... still.