Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our little trooper

We're home. Actually we've been home since around 1200-1230ish. Check in for Reese's surgery was at 645 this morning with surgery starting at 815. We live about 45 min from where the procedures were being done, so Bryan and I were up at 500 to get the ball rolling. When I say we were up at 5, I mean I finally fell asleep sometime after midnight, woke up about ever 30 minutes, and was up for the day at 430. Luckily there was a small nap in my future once we got home. :) Reese began this process very nervous. She didn't want her belly button fixed, she liked it the way that it was... she didn't want anyone to "push it in." I asked her if she was nervous and scared... she said she was. She repeatedly asked me if the doctor was going to cut her open with a sword. :( When we went in for our consult, the physicians and nurses were AMAZING! They gave Reese a Franklin book about Franklin having surgery to fix his turtle shell, they gave us an online tour link to view... where a little girl takes you on a tour of what they can expect when they arrive for surgery. After watching that, Reese was hot to trot. When we arrived this morning, she was answering the docs' questions... and even knew what an anesthesiologist did! There was a dr./child liaison type person who was wonderful! She showed Reese what the anesthesia mask did... how it worked... let Reese play with it. She even let Reese decorate her mouth piece with stickers... it was really great for Reese. You could absolutely tell she felt at ease.

When they took her back, Bryan went with her. I wasn't able to because of the pregnancy and some of the gases they use to put her under. She was playing a cake baking app on one of the nurses' iPhones... until she was out. The ENT clipped her frenulum first. Basically the frenulum is the small flap of skin in your mouth that connects the bottom underneath part of your tongue to the bottom jaw. Instead of starting in say the middle of her tongue likes ours, Reese's basically started at the tip of her tongue. She had a time and a half latching on to nurse and we've recently noticed some speech sounds that were being stalled due to it. It was quick and easy and honestly seems to be giving her far more hell than her hernia.

She's been unable to eat anything since coming home. Bryan just managed to get her to each a couple of small spoons of a Frosty, but that's it. Liquid intake has been minimal as well. We're slowly picking it up, but you can tell it's uncomfortable for her. She cries every time we ask her to drink some. She has gone potty for us a few times, so that's keeping us hopeful on avoiding dehydration.

As far as the herniated belly button... this is what we were working with...
We'd been told since her umbilical cord fell off that it may close on it's own. If it didn't close by the time she turned 4 or 5, surgery would be inevitable. Basically the risks are that her intestine would get stuck in between her muscle... causing serious issues. So here we were... she was 4/5, and it was not going to close on it's own. Surgery time. The procedure was about an hour and a half long, she did wonderfully. Everything went as planned. She even came out of anesthesia much more pleasant than the last time. The staff was wonderful... we really couldn't have asked for a better experience. We now sit and wait 2 days to take her bandage off... there will still be a couple of butterflies on there... they come off on their own when they are ready. The procedure was done laproscopically (sp), so we shouldn't see much if any scarring... and the stitches will dissolve. She's unable to play on the playground at school for 2 weeks, so drop off and pick up will be affected, but that's no biggie. She should be back at preschool Monday or Wednesday. We're so proud of her... so so so so proud. She's kind of a bump on a log right now. See...
But I know tomorrow will be better. I'll for sure post an "after" photo once she's all healed up. :) Thank got for modern medicine!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Disney World 2011

We're home! We spent Thanksgiving week in Orlando whoopin' it up at Disney World. It was long, it was tiring, it was a blast. Our first full day in town was spent at our hotel swimming pool and Downtown Disney... scoping out souvenirs and potential Christmas list fulfillments.
The big day! Day 2 was spent at the Magic Kingdom. While we had plenty of meltdowns, we also had plenty of smiles. All the parks were beyond packed, and at times it was downright miserable... but we figured it out, made the best of it, and had a great time.A double rainbow at the happiest place on earth! :)Day 3... The Animal Kingdom.Day 4... Hollywood Studios.Emma Grace and her new mommy.Seriously? I will show them this picture when they are 16 and 17 years old, arguing over who is wearing who's jeans...
Our final day was spent back at the Magic Kingdom, where we sucked it up and waited in line for about an hour and a half to meet Rapunzel. I won't lie... it was pretty worth it. :)Until next time Orlando!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surgery update

Rachel here. After meeting with the pediatric surgeon Tuesday, it's been decided that Reese will be having surgery November 30th on her umbilical hernia. So far we're really happy with the people dealing with Reese. Our main concern was making sure we would be dealing with pediatric nurses after surgery as opposed to nurses who deal with adults primarily. When Reese had her surgery for her sty... the nurse was dreadful, and I found myself holding my tongue when in reality I should have kicked her ass... yes I just said that. :) Her doctor gave her a "Franklin" the turtle book about going to the hospital, and there is a little tutorial she can do on the computer. I hope she won't be too nervous.

Today we met with an ENT about her frenulum. The ENT definitely agreed that the clipping needed to be done, and she'll be completing that once Reese is under for her hernia surgery but before they actually start. Poor kid. She's a super trooper for sure.

Monday, November 7, 2011

14 Weeks

Rachel here. Here's the bump in all it's baby bump glory. :) Tomorrow I'm officially 14 weeks... and seriously... I couldn't already be more done... D.O.N.E... done. I had an appointment today, and my doctor... one of many... which is new this time around, and she told me to basically overdose on Benadryl in hopes of helping out my mucus problem. And of course by overdose, I mean taking the medication according to the labeled instructions. ;) I'm not sure how long this will last though, as I took one once I got home today and thought I might die. Something new this go 'round... restless leg syndrome. Goodness gracious. So far it's only reared it's ugly head twice... once though was from about 2am, until I woke up for the day around 7. I think I'd be fine at night with it as long as I didn't have to get up and pee 12.5 times...

So far all tests have come back super... meaning my 3rd trimester screening. YAY! I also went ahead and got my flu shot today... ouch... ouch... ouch.

Next appointment is December 6th, and the big penis/vagina reveal is on the 9th. I mentioned the angle of the exterior genitalia test to the doc today. She was none too amused, and basically told me not to go out and buy a bunch of stuff based on what I think I saw. I hate those answers. :) We'll know soon enough.

Until next time... tomorrow is Reese's big umbilical hernia surgery consult... hopefully things will go smoothly. She is worried and doesn't want it fixed, but I know one day she probably will, so until we figure out what is happening we're trying to reassure her. Wish us luck!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life as of Late

Rachel here. So I had a Pepsi for breakfast this morning and am currently working on a Pop Tart. Intriguing stuff I tell you. Rhinitis is a HUGE bummer. By the time I'm done working out the night's accumulation of snot (in the nose... in the throat... the whole nine), it's time to get the girls' breakfast. By the time I'm done warming the syrup, I'm dieing of starvation. Problem is... I'm constantly dieing of starvation. I can't seem to eat enough. No matter what. I'm a horrible hunger manager. I've finally become accustomed to a giant bagel around mid morning, but nothing seems to tickle my fancy first thing. This morning I opted for the Pepsi hoping that it would help perk me up with some sugar intake and then I could go about finding nourishment. I will tell you... I feel like a rockstar! Judge if you'd like, but I haven't felt like a rockstar since July... so your opinions can't hurt me. :)

With Reese I just ate whatever I could to keep myself alive. I drank a lot of milk and ate a lot of fruit as well now that I remember. I also enjoyed McDonald's cheeseburgers. It's amazing I wasn't ridiculously overweight.

Emma Grace was a Chick-fil-a #5 with a sweet tea child. It was heaven. Now don't get me wrong... of course I consumed oodles of super yummy healthy things with the girls as well, but fast food tends to be my craving. Ooooooooooooh I loved me some broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl from Panera as well with EG. She's a titch quirky but turned out just as adorable as ever. Healthy as ox or is is oxen... oxes... my two girls were. Still to this day have never had an ear infection... thank you Pepsi for breakfasts!

This go 'round... it's been Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits for breakfast. Bryan has ventured out many a day to save my life for a yummy bite of protein. I've since moved on to Wendy's frosties. This craving doesn't offend Bryan because Wendy's is literally right down the road, and he enjoys them as well. And the bonus... I can't finish a whole frosty in one sitting, so that badboy lasts me a good 3 days. Hurray!

On another note... I've felt Baby Boo all morning now! I felt Reese around week 16ish, EG was week 11 (she's my spunky child), and now today November 3... Baby Boo! How exciting! Apparently s/he loves Pepsi as much as I for breakfast!

I also have a bump. I swear I had a bump as soon as I had a positive test, but Bryan was skeptical. I think he's only now acknowledging said bump. Luckily I tend to stay small... all baby... so the maternity clothing is still in the attic... probably until this weekend when I can take proper inventory. I'm a jeans and hug my belly cotton shirt kind of girl, so no doubt I'll just need some shirts to get me through. I'll of course be doing belly pix because who doesn't love a good belly pic? My bump will be making it's debut next Monday when I have my next appointment, where we'll hopefully get the results from my first trimester screening tests. (Reese also has her consult for her surgery the following Tuesday... say a little prayer!)

Oh and for anyone still reading this ridiculous post, if you're expecting, (especially if it's not your first) you must visit this site Alphamom (just click on the name). It was suggested to me last night by a friend, and it's hilarious, and she understands you... and I love her. That is all.

*For anyone reading this who thinks I'm dumb enough to only live off of fast food and Pepsi during pregnancy... refer to your Webster's dictionary and look up the word moderation. I'm off to finish my Pop Tart now, and then perhaps I'll have a big bowl of freshly cut strawberries. :)Link

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Hope everyone had a super Halloween! :)