Friday, May 30, 2008

Quirky facts

Rachel here. Some exciting things have happened here the last couple of days. The talking continues to expand. Reesie went from just babbling, then to her "babas", day before yesterday she started with the "mamas" (usually when she's hungry), which were quickly followed by the "dadas." Her little voice is so super cute I could die! Reesie also demands to feed herself her bottle. When either Bryan or I try, she wiggles uncontrollably and would rather try her newest escape tactic than take the bottle from either of us. If we put her on the floor and give her her bottle... it's in her mouth until she's tired of. She then rolls around for a while and comes back to it when she's ready.

Sitting up on her own I think is going to be the next big one. When she's trying to crawl, she gets those toes dug into the carpet, lifts up that butt, then wiggles her little legs like crazy. One leg will get wedged under, and then the other... she just has to get that momentum and she'll be sitting up on her own! Crawling it looks like isn't too far behind either.

It seems like just yesterday she slept all day, laid there in her bassinet, and had those alligator arms... not able to reach for anything. Now... we have a real little person! She surprises us everyday and melts our hearts. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look what I did!

Today I ate an entire cookie... ALL BY MYSELF! Then Mommy gave me a bath. :)

Can anyone guess what I'm thinking?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poolin' it

Mommy and Daddy bought me a pool! What better way to celebrate Memorial Day right???? It was so fun. Mommy put me in my stellar halter babin' suit, while Daddy filled up my pool. I must have splashed around in that thing forever! I love the summertime. :)

It's a frog. HOT huh?

Mommy bought me some arm floaties too, but we decided perhaps that may have been overdoing it a little bit for today. :)

Movin' and shakin' part deux

Okay, so finally Mommy's video decided it wanted to work. :) This video is now a little outdated because not only can I roll around, hop on my knees and rock back and forth, but now i'm a pro at digging my little toes into the carpet and popping right up with my butt in the air like a mountain! Mommy even caught me this morning putting one knee in front of the other. Dear Lord help them all! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Movin' and shakin'

Rachel here. We have a mobile child. Not only has she perfected her rolling and can roll continuously as opposed to her rolling back and forth, but she scoots around backwards, and she enjoys rotating around on her belly. The last couple of days she's surprised us with getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth. She must have learned that from Jackson! :) She's also been eyeballing the table and cabinets. We think she's feeling them out... seeing if she can scale them! It's amazing how much she's changed!

I tried to upload a video the other day to show just how much she's moving around, but for some reason it wasn't working. I guess I have yet to perfect that! She's moving around more and more everyday, so something tells me I would soon post a bigger and better video anyway. So until then here she is sizing up the coffee table.

"Hmmmm....""Hey Ma... would you mind helping me out???""Thanks... now I can play with all of the things you were trying to keep out of my reach." :)

Fun time with Daddy

Daddy worked from home yesterday and insisted on putting my blankie on my head... he and Mommy had hours (not really hours... more like 10 min) of fun. While the experience was slightly grueling, I didn't cry, AND I actually rolled over continuously! :) Good times with the Pattisons.

Monday, May 19, 2008


This past weekend Mommy and I went to watch Daddy play softball. It was okay I suppose. The weather was kind of chilly on Saturday and less than desireable yesterday. It rained ALL day! :( Mommy and I watched the games from the car with Auntie Lu. One super great thing was that I got to hang out with my friend Lowgear. He was so fun!!Mommy even let me drive the car. :)


I didn't so much enjoy the bagel, but Mommy gave me these little cookies that are phenomenal people!!!

I could eat them all day!
And so could Winston... he likes to eat my crumbs off of the floor and lick my hands nice and clean for me. :) I'll make him be my friend yet!
Mommy says I'm doing well with the finger foods and feeding myself... now if I could just figure out how this bottle works!

The zoo

So Mommy and I had decided we had been cooped up in the house for FAR TOO LONG. She wanted to take me out, and I wanted to get out. :) Daddy was working from home, so when he was done we got all gussied up and decided we were going to the zoo! This was my first trip to the zoo, and boy was it fun. Here are 2 of my favorite animals that were there. Some big cow/ox looking thing and the monkeys!!!!They have this giant statue of Ruby the tiger... Daddy was nice enough to take our picture. :)It was fun looking at all the animals... Mommy says soon we are going to the zoo in North Carolina!!! I can't wait!!!

My Great Great Gma

Rachel here. Last Wednesday my Great Gma Kehoe passed. She was one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of not only knowing but of being related too. She lived 95 long years filled with people who loved and admired her. This past March my Gpa (her son) was very ill... I never knew I would have considered that a blessing. It was because of him my brother, myself, and Reesie made the long trip to Iowa. One of my goals while being there was to get Reesie's picture taken with my Great Gma for a 5 GENERATION picture. I'm so glad that I did. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The life of a bagel

Rachel here. I tried to give Reesie a bagel for snack today. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

"Eeeeew people... WHAT is THIS?" I soon realized that perhaps the mini bagel was a bit big, so I ripped it in half. Then she started playing with her bib... so off it went.

"Winston... do you know what I'm supposed to do with this?" I tried putting it near and in her mouth for her.

"Okay, so maybe I'll give it a try..."

"Or maybe I'll create a diversion and just try to escape from my Bumbo!"

And so that bagel sat... alone... while Reesie watched Scooby Doo.

I guess we're just not ready for the bagel... tomorrow... crackers!


So after Jack's visit Mommy got a little adventurous. You see Jack is 2 months older than me, and his mommy is my mommy's saving grace... a mommy guru if you will. Mommy always asks Mere oodles of random questions and always wants to do experiments on me after talking with her. This round of questions had to do with finger foods. Mommy had loads of questions, so Mere was nice enough and shared Jack's puffs with me. I gagged. Whatever. I mean I can't be perfect at everything people. Mommy and Daddy soon went to the grocery store and bought me my own puffs and a large assortment of experimental foods to try with me. Upon returning home Mommy wanted to try something new, but after my near death experience with the puffs she decided on using my meshy thing. Now I LOVED my meshy thing. Mommy put a big chunk of banana in there and I gummed it forever. It was delightful. Mommy enjoyed it as well... that was until it was time to clean it. I believe she said "this thing is a b&$@! to clean." :) I'm unsure if I'll ever get to use it again, but it was fun nonetheless.

My loverboy

Jack came to see me yesterday! His mommy and daddy were drivin' through and decided to stop and have lunch with Mommy and Daddy, so Jack and I got to play for a while. He's so dreamy. He tried to eat all of my toys and he even poked me in the eye, but as far as I'm concerned he could do no wrong... I'm in love.

Isn't he a stone cold fox?

Jack liked my sexy cheeks... what can I say... they ARE hawt! :)

Soon it was time for Jack and his mom and dad to go home. Something tells me we could have played for hours... I mean minus the whole both melting down because neither of us had had a substantial nap... but that's just a minor detail.

I love you dreamboat, and I'll see you this summer!!!

7 months old

Can you believe it?! I'm 7 months old already! I've decided it's pretty fun being 7 months old. I'm rolling around like a crazy person, all kinds of sounds are coming out of my mouth (Mommy can't get me to be quiet for a minute... unless of course the camera is rolling!), we're trying all kinds of new foods, and I'm starting to scoot around. I'm really starting to notice this silly sign Mommy puts on my chair when I get my picture taken. Before too long, I'll be ripping that paper just like I do my Crate and Barrel catalog. :)

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday was my mommy's and my first Mother's Day. Daddy helped me to get her the perfect gifts. I got her a super yummy cookie cake and 2 books she's been begging Daddy for. :) I can't wait 'til next year when I can MAKE my own presents!!! I know Mommy is dieing with anticipation as well.

I love my mommy... and I'm pretty sure she loves me! :)


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I had a very busy weekend. My Nana came to visit me... it was SO fun! She came in late Friday night, but I was asleep. Mommy said I needed my energy for Saturday. Me, Mommy, Nana, and my Uncle Aaron spent the entire day shopping. It was super awesome. Mommy bought me a new shirt. :) Then we came home and had some grilled hamburgers and homemade macaroni and cheese. (Well, I mean I had pureed carrots and formula, but whatever.) It was the best day. Sadly Nana had to go home on Sunday. I wish I could see her more, but Mommy says that come July we'll see eachother again. :)

Here's Uncle Aaron and me doing what we do best.

And finally me and my Nana. She also had a birthday yesterday. Happy 29th birthday Nana! ;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Listen to this people!!

Rachel here. This afternoon while I was driving my brother around town (his car was in the shop), I heard Reesie babbling in the back seat. She wasn't only babbling, but she started saying something super special... well special to us anyway. :) Reesie then started doing it again once Bryan got home and we caught it on tape. The sound on my computer doesn't work, so I'm going to go ahead and assume it's on there anyway. ENJOY!

She's also starting to move around a little bit more each day. You never know what type of situation she may have backed herself into after a nap. She's always in some random corner... on her belly, back, side, even her face. :) Bryan caught her today trying to wiggle herself around backwards. She's even starting to rotate around on her belly. There are new surprises everyday! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo y'all! Like my festive shirt??? Mommy's friend Amy D gave it to me. :)


Daddy is so good to me on the weekends when he is off of work. He changes my underoos, and plays with me, even puts me down for my naps. Mommy was on the computer Saturday afternoon and I was getting sleepy, so Daddy took me upstairs to put me down. 30 minutes later Daddy hadn't returned downstairs and Mommy was getting suspicious because I was babbling away on my monitor. She went upstairs and look what she found...Eventually he rolled over and Mommy let me lay with him.

Strawberry Festival

Friday Mommy and Daddy took me to the Strawberry Festival in Roanoke. We were all none to impressed. There were ads everywhere: on the streets, on the radio, even every waking moment on the tv... crafts, children's games, tons of food, and bands. The only thing that was there was strawberries. While the strawberries were excellent, we were all disappointed. I wasn't even able to get my strawberry sundae open! :(

Mommy eventually took it from me, ate the sundae, and then gave me her spoon... it was yummy. :)