Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sell THIS house... laundry & dining

Rachel here. This weekend our laundry room, amongst other things that aren't quite finished, Linkgot a makeover. These are the after photos... if you're interested in seeing all the behind the scenes shenanigans, you'll have to click on over to the reno. blog (Movin' on up).The dining room is also completely finished. Sealed furniture, re-centered and hung the mirror, and brand new ceiling fan.
Would love to get some finished photos of the kitchen and living room before the week is said and done. Lots of progress was made outside in between rain showers and tornado watches/warnings... oy... we'd love to have that all done next weekend along with a good start on emptying the garage into storage. Bryan is currently re-carpeting the stairs. I'm starting to think I don't want to move! ;)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our week... abbreviated

Rachel here. Oh this week. This week was kind of a lot... more on that another day. We did our work boxes, but mostly we played outside and goofed off.

Here's some of Reese's work: (CoaH)Emma Grace attempted to learn how to fold socks. ;)She also attempted to pour water... she's a mean spiller.Then there was some more work (letter e). (CoaH)And some numbers.An impromptu picnic play date with preschool friends... where my children adopted other mamas to push them on swings.We had kitty and puppy races in the kitchen.And then gave those kitties and puppies pretend water out of old baby bottles.We spent a good chunk of the week outside... when it wasn't raining. Bryan worked on mulching and mowing... Reese worked on finding bugs and other "dead things."EG just did weird preschooler stuff that makes no sense to anyone else... and had a blast.We threw in a little more work. (CoaH)And had some more outside time.
I've decided outside time is nice... especially when the girls can be so entertained, and I don't need to do anything. :)

Then of course there was house shenanigans and projects and baby drama... I'm pooped... and still pregnant... no worries there. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sell THIS house... Master Suite

Rachel here. Here is where the magic happens. And by magic I mean... I toss and turn with my watermelon stomach, and my husband sleeps on the couch. :) The door on the far left goes to the hallway, then we have the master bathroom, and finally our walk in closet.
The floors need to be steamed, and Bryan needs to hang that there mirror... oh and paint the bloody ceiling. It's not really bloody... that sounded bad. :)
And our master bathroom. Besides fresh paint, we replaced the faucets, the exhaust fan, and hung a new shower rod... one of those fancy curved ones... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. ;) I have to steam mop the floors, and Bryan needs to reseal the grout. It took me 3 EFFING days to get it cleaned, and it's still not perfect, but it is EXPONENTIALLY cleaner, so that's what's going to have to fly.I don't think I've ever seen our house so legitimately clean. I mean sure we clean... on occasion... when we are having company, but we're infamous for "don't open that cabinet... or closet... or look under the beds." :) We can honestly say open whatever want... and we won't be embarrassed. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy green beer day!

Happy day after green day y'all! We had an eventful day that started with large chocolate donuts doused with green frosting per Daddy. :) They were scrumptious.

For lunch... yummy green goodness. After Mommy took this picture, she realized she usually cuts our sandwiches in the shapes of shamrocks (but the cookie cutter is packed)... and what's with the white ranch... she's slipping. ;)
Luckily Daddy made up for it with more sugary goodness. After lunch snack.
Shamrock cookie sugar high.Why do my kids look like giants?Off to Macado's we went for dinner. We've been every year since Reese was born. It's our thing. They go all out. :)We returned home for green jello, whipped cream, with rainbow sprinkles on top.Of course there was some silly time.Hope everyone had a lovely GREEN day!


Rachel here. Friday we didn't get much accomplished per Mother Nature. Here I am on Sunday feeling mediocre at best sitting down and downright miserable standing up. Okay I get it... I need to step back, sit down, and relax. If preschool gets done... awesome... if not...Reese won't become illiterate. If the grout in the bathroom gets scrubbed... awesome... if not... Bryan won't get hit by a bus. (Thank you Andria!) My children will be smart... or hell... I'd settle for just a little bit smartish, and my house will sell... maybe not the first day, but it'll sell. Because of my new found hopefully soon gone crippledness status, I'm not sure where we'll go with the preschool shenanigans. I guess I'll continue to put work boxes together when I can and we'll see where it goes. That's all I can do, and I need to be okay with that. I'm learning. :)

And so... here is what we did Friday... I didn't get many pictures, and I'm not entirely sure what the girls did after 1:00pm. :) I do know Emma Grace threw herself a tea party of sorts and soaked my living room floor. :)And then she walked away from said mess and created a coloring one in the playroom.
I did Reese's number assessment with her. After calling out "12", she was certain it was "20." That's the only one she mixed up... awesome. :) (CoaH) And we move to Saturday. Reese... roll one dice, count the dots, circle the number in the square... then do it with two dice. She REALLY enjoyed this. (CoaH)EG doing her e do-a-dot. (CoaH)Buckles, zippers, and snaps.
Shape silhouette match. (CoaH)
Reese worked on her cutting/pasting pictures. Shape puzzles.
Patterns. (CoaH)Letter tracing.
Bryan was working on windows and screens, and Reese wanted to join in. :)
Then there was some outside time before our annual St. Patty's Day dinner out and our first downpour for the next god only knows how many days.