Monday, October 29, 2007

Tummy Time and Mail!

Now that baby girl's stump is gone the pediatrician said we can start doing tummy time with Reese. She did great her first day! We did cheat a little bit though by putting her on her boppy, so she wouldn't take in a mouth full of blanket. :)

That same day Reese received her first real piece of mail with her very own name on it! It was an adorable Halloween card from Aunt Cindy's grandparents. You better believe that's going right in the scrapbook! :)

My first prints

Uncle Aaron got Reese this adorable polka dotted frame that says "My First Prints" at the bottom. Daddy went all over Blacksburg looking for an ink pad, so we could finally put our frame up in her room. After going to half a dozen places, he finally arrived home, and we were ready for the task at hand. Reese did beautifully with her feet! It wasn't until we tried the hands that we had some issues. The stamping part went great. As soon as she had that ink on her hands, she closed, flailed, and threw her hands everywhere but on the paper! Mommy, Daddy, and baby had ink EVERYWHERE. Needless to say we choose to celebrate the accomplishments and not the downfalls... so here's Reese getting her footprint taken...
We'll also be waiting 'til she's 18 to take her first hand prints...

Boston College smells like #2

Well, Reese got to watch her first Virginia Tech football game on t.v! Well it was actually her second, but it was her first home game. Mommy was going to take her to tailgate for a little while, because she was wearing her cheerleading outfit and wanted to show it off, but the weather did not cooperate. It was raining and very very cold... too cold for Reese. We would have had to bundle her up, and then what's the point in wearing the cute outfit if you have to cover it up!? She was super excited about the whole game until the dreaded last 4 minutes. We all know what happened, and we don't like to discuss it too much. :) I asked Reese how she felt about the whole experience, and this is all she could say...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


The last set of grandparents finally arrived to welcome little Reese into the world. This weekend we had the Perlewitz G-parents visit! Not only was that a big deal for Baby Girl, but she also got her very first cell phone, her stump fell off (yaaaaaaaaaaaay... her droopy drawers will be much easier to change now!), and she went on her first walk in downtown Blacksburg. She was quite the star!

After such a busy weekend, she was definitely too pooped to party... but not to poop her pants. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My first week of life!

Reese was originally supposed to come into the world TODAY, but she decided to bless us a week early! We're so excited and blessed to have added her to our little family. She weighed a whopping 8 lbs and is slowly but surely gaining back her birth weight. Reese was definitely all arms and legs while in mommy's belly; she ended up being 20.5 in long. So far some of her favorite things to do are laying in her baby papazan chair from her uncle Aaron, eating, and pooping... A LOT. We love her so much and can't wait to see her smile at us! :) Here is a Reese's very first picture!

Her first full day was full of sleeping, pooping, eating, and a few visitors. Some of her first visitors were her grandma and grandpa Pattison. They love her so much! We also got visits from our friend Auntie Laura and Angie.

Staying at the hospital got to be a bit of a bore, so we left a little earlier than planned. We just couldn't wait to get our little family started in our own house. Riding in the car for the first time was such an adventure. Reese was so excited, she fell right asleep as soon as we put her in her car seat. :) Here she is packing up her flowers getting ready to go.

Once we got home there were more and more visitors to come. One of Reese's favorite visitors is her Nana. Nana and Pop took tons of pictures and discovered the Picture Photoshop at the Wal-mart and hasn't been the same since. :)

Something I have been looking forward to doing... giving Baby Reese her first bath! Instead of focusing on getting her poor little body clean, it was more of a photo shoot hosted by the paparazzi! Needless to say, she did get clean and we had loads of fun.

Reese's first real outting was to her daddy's softball game (which they won... yaaaaaaaaay). All of the boys went absolutely gaga over her. I think they enjoyed her more than the girls did! I can already tell she's going to be a heartbreaker.

While mommy works on getting herself back into her pre-baby clothes, Reese has decided to take up a membership at the gym. That would be her jungle gym of course! Right now we just enjoy laying there, but soon watch out world... she'll be a giraffe butt-kicking baby! :)

Reese got lots of really great things from all of her showers, but one of mommy's favorites is her hotsling from Auntie Jen. This way mommy can keep her baby near and dear to her heart while going on her many adventures in the house! She's come quite accustomed to doing the laundry and dishes, so now baby girl can supervise.

Here Reese is a week later, her due date, TODAY! She's had a whirlwind of a week and needs to catch up on her beauty sleep. Here she is doing her favorite thing... napping with daddy. What a perfect ending to our baby girl's first week of life! Welcome to the world REESIE BABY!