Sunday, June 6, 2010

We're baaaaaack... and exhausted.

Hey y'all! We arrived home from Florida Friday night and there is no sign of recuperation. :) These pictures don't even begin to let you in on our vacation, but they are some of our favorites. We started our whirlwind trip last Saturday. We made it to Rock Hill, SC in hopes of snapping a photo of Emma Grace Lane. Our dreams were soon crushed when we pulled up to a gated community... thiscloseitellyou!

Once Mommy discovered life as we knew it was NOT over, we got on with our lives. Our first destination in Florida was Downtown Disney for some family bonding time and cute souvenirs.

I've never been a fan of the water. Bath water yes... very shallow pool water... sometimes... any other water... not so much. Last year's trip left me constantly dry in my bathing suit. This year buddy... I was ready. Our first encounter of the aqua kind... the spouts where I proceeded to get so soaked that my pants kept falling down.

In order to drag me out of Downtown Disney with as few tears shed as possible, Mommy and Daddy promised we would promptly visit the hotel pool. We were lucky enough to get to stay at the new Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. It was REALLY nice... thank you Daddy and his drive to stay at hotels that give us benefits when he is out of town... this is the ONLY reason we survive busy season.

Emma Grace did SO WELL in the water!

Being that we were in Florida during the summer months, one can only expect HIGH temperatures and RANDOM thunderstorms. This one seemed to leave as soon as it showed up. Emma Grace LOVED it!!! She was clapping her hands the entire time.

And just like that... it was beautiful again.

Here's the AMAZING view from our room.

FINALLY... Mickey Mouse's house!!!!

The only way to divert my crying after getting off a ride, Mommy and Daddy would learn, was to have my handy dandy water bottle ready for me. It made the harshest of tantrums disappear.

Sleeping Beauty. I've only seen her particular film once... our encounter was mediocre at best.

BUT CINDERELLA! This broad can do no wrong. This is my "cheese" face... I was super excited.
Ariel was pretty fun as well, but that Prince Eric was a total dork if you ask Mommy. And for the record... something tells us that both Cinderella and Ariel dabbled in the Hokie Nation. They both asked where we were from... upon hearing "Virginia"... Cinderella wanted to do the Hokey Pokey with me AND Ariel proclaimed "GO HOKIES!" If you don't have the Disney Princesses on your side UVA... who do you have? ;)

My first roller coaster ride!!!!

Our third day at the Waldorf was a short one... we were to check out. We did manage to extend our check out time, so we could take full advantage of the pool since I loved it so much! We went down bright and early, so we could say good morning to the ducks.

EG was just as happy as a clam eating her snack and relaxing.

Eventually though we had to leave. We were headed to Melbourne for the night in hopes of heading to the beach for a little while. Upon arriving we realized it would be no fun to go play at the beach in a thunderstorm so to the hotel we went. The lovely concierge hooked us up with a game plan. Once the rain stopped, we would head to the local zoo.

Where they had some games, animals, and a water area!!!!

I'd been begging Mommy and Daddy for what seemed like months to take me to the beach. Last year's trip was anything but enjoyable. There were tears from being scared of the water... tears from being scared of the sand... tears from the wind blowing my curls. You get the picture. Not this year though jokers! I LOVE THE BEACH. Emma Grace didn't live it up nearly as much as I did...

It's alive!

A wicked storm soon started a brewin', so we were forced to leave the beach and head to our resort. We stayed at the Ron Jon resort. The rooms were okay, but the added perks were nice. Luckily they had an awesome indoor play area that Emma Grace and I fell in lurve with.

Having spent a few days in Florida already, we weren't surprised when the sun came back out, the temperature sky rocketed, and the pools opened right back up.

All good things have to come to an end, however. The pool was closing and the parentals were looking for something else to keep me occupied... PUTT PUTT was the obvious answer. It was at the resort, and it was FREE. :) I was far more interested in the puddles than the actual game, but who cares?!

We had an absolute blast on our vacation but have decided that next year's Disney trip will take place over Thanksgiving break... in November... when it's not 1,458 degrees. :)
Our next big adventure... Emma Grace's first birthday party!


Andria said...

What an awesome vacation! No wonder the grown-ups are having a bit of a time recuperating!!!