Monday, May 7, 2012

Our new norm... for now...

Rachel here.  Doesn't Berkley look so sweet here?  Well, so far, she is just that sweet.  I mean I know it's only been 1 week, but seriously... I'm in love with this little nugget.  She cries when she's hungry... that's it.  Sleeping takes up the rest of the time.  This makes night feedings bearable. 

One night last week, I lost it.  I was just so tired, she wanted to eat, and I wanted to sleep.  I think it was Thursday night.  My milk came in Wednesday morning, and she began to marathon feed for the next 48 hours.  I just wanted to sleep.  SLEEEEEEEP.  Friday night though... I think she woke up 3 times, ate, and went right back to sleep.  Saturday night... 2 times.  Last night... ONCE.  I've been trying to take her upstairs to eat around 10ish "for the night."  It takes me a good 45ish minutes to get her to sleep... nothing stressful.  She'll then wake up about 3 hours later... same scenario... 45ish minutes.  Then she's good to go for another 3-4 hours... usually around the time to get up and get ready for Frick and Frack to make their morning appearances. :)  I've also been getting a good 2ish hour nap in the afternoon with Berkley while Bryan entertains the big girls.  I let him sleep in in the mornings in return.  It's been a huge help having him home.

Bryan returns to work tomorrow for a few hours to attend a meeting, so I'll have all three for the first time by myself.  Should be entertaining to say the least.  In the coming weeks, he'll work some from home... helping me with the girls and MOVING.  Will it ever end? ;)

Emma Grace continues to stay clear for the most part.  She greets Berkley in the morning, tickles her once or twice in the afternoon, and kisses her on the head at bedtime.  Reese has become increasingly annoying.  I know that sounds awful.  She's been amping up the whine factor and yelling at EG more and more... no doubt to get that little extra attention... even if it's negative.  We're working on it.  All in all, I'm happy.  This transition has been less difficult than I anticipated... I've even done some laundry... and SHOWERED... I mean not everyday, but one every couple days is like heaven. :)