Monday, May 14, 2012

Our wee little sleeper... and life

 Rachel here.  We have 3 weeks until we close on the house.  I still have quite a bit I need to pack, but it's all pretty much stuff that we use on a daily basis, so it's stressing me out.  We have a newborn in the house, and she's the last thing stressing us out right now... kind of ironic. :)  Both girls have been really great around Berkley and are adjusting nicely.  Reese, however, is off her damn rocker when it comes to the move.  She wants to do art projects, and "play" preschool, and use this and that... my answer is always the same "that's in storage Reese, I'm really sorry."  It's got to be super frustrating for her... I know this because she's beyond emotional.  She gets frustrated easily, and constantly cries when you tell her "no" or "it's packed."  Because of her frustration, I'm frustrated.  Night before last, I yelled at her for crying "for no reason", and before bed she asked Bryan why I wasn't her best friend anymore.  RIP MY HEART OUT.  We're trying to be very patient and loving with her, but she's a big ole ball of emotional wreck.  Hopefully things will calm down a bit in the next couple of weeks when we begin unpacking her toys and art supplies again at the rental.  Oy.

In between nursing a baby and packing a box here in there, this is what we've been up to.  Reese has really started loving holding the baby.

 Berkley got her first bath.  She was none to pleased.
Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, so we threw together a little something for Reese's preschool teachers.  Cute huh?  The envelopes have sbux gift cards in them, and the frappucino cup is filled with brown and white tissue paper... thank you Pinterest. :)

I finally broke down and joined the Moby Wrap club.  Best thing I've done in a while.  Berkley is attached to me just about every moment of the day, and I was getting NOTHING done around the house.  $45 later, and I have a portable baby. :)

We ended the week with Mother's Day.  Holidays around here continue to get more and more interesting.  We let the girls choose their own gifts to give, and they tend to be pretty hilarious.  Bryan asked Emma Grace what she wanted to get for me, and apparently she responded with "a cake" like she had been thinking about it for months... Reese wanted to get me gum. :)  The balloon and candy bouquet were fillers as they were meandering around the Kroger searching for said cake and gum. :)  I love them.  We also went out for Mexican food for lunch, and I got a pedicure. 
I can't wait to post pix of the gifts we're giving to the grandmas!  We'll be seeing each of them in the next couple of weekends, so I don't want to blow the surprise, but the gifts are SUPER CUTE!


Andria said...

Dave walked by and saw the picture of your Mother's day loot. When I informed him that you also got a pedicure, and Mexican food for lunch, he told me not to read this blog any more. ;) Nicely done, Bryan.

Isn't the Moby great?! Totally worth it -- wish I'd discovered that with my first two.

Rachel said...

if it makes you feel better, i had to beg for the pedicure, and we used a coupon for the mexican! :)