Tuesday, December 4, 2012

7 months

Rachel here.  Berkley is officially 7 months old.  Sigh.  I saw a commercial the other day with a little baby on it, and turned to Bryan all googly-eyed and said "Bryan, I want a baby."  He looked me dead in the face and said... while holding Berks... "what the hell do you think this is?"  For the record he wants another baby, so "we have an even amount of people for roller coaster rides." :)  AND... he won't let me get rid of the baby gear.
We don't know any of her dimensions due to the fact that she doesn't go to the ped's office until 9 months.  I could easily put that chunkster on the scale myself... which I guess I should. :)
 Sweet babycakes is such a lovely little addition to our family... couldn't you just eat those cheeks?  She has the sweetest little demeanor.  The girls' preschool teacher asked me yesterday if she ever gets fussy.  HA!  Of course she does, but she's pretty easy to please.  She cries when she's sleepy and hungry.  That's it!
 When it comes to milestones... girlfriend can roll, and has just mastered sitting up by herself.  She's starting to raise her butt up while she's on her belly, but she has no idea what to do from there on. :)
 Berkley first said "mama", but has since decided "dada" is her favorite thing to say.  Traitor.
 Sleeping... ahhhhh... sleeping.  I had finally had enough of going in her room at 330 am to nurse her and have her fall asleep as soon as she latched on.  Our transition was short and sweet... 3 days of painless wimpering, and we were done.  BAM... sleeping through the night.  Me however... psh... I'm waking up at 330 like clockwork.  :)
 As far as eating... ay yi yi... she likes applesauce.  It's so hit or miss... frankly it exhausts me.  She pushes everything out of her mouth... the applesauce though... can't shove it in her piehole fast enough. :)
 Ugh... mushy mushy face.  I heart her so much... but I sincerely wish she would stop growing. ;)