Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Rachel here!  Yes... I'm really here... and ready to catch up and get life back to normal.  One problem though... I'm not exactly sure when that will be happening.  HA!  Since I've last blogged:  I couldn't get Blogger to work, we had 3 Christmases, missed our first c/o for the house, then I dropped my computer and broke the hard drive, had to get a new computer, moved the rest of our belongings to storage, the baby turned 8 months old, moved a good chunk of things to the new house, missed our second c/o for the house, Bryan started busy season and is pretty much MIA... so needless to say it's going to take me a little while to get caught back up, but I think I may have found the motivation... so here it goes. 
We'll start with Bobnewhart's shenanigans.

Aren't you so happy we're baaaaaaaaack? :)


Andria said...

Bobnewhart, you scoundrel! You have the best Elf on a Shelf ever.

Amd the xmas photos were totally worth all the pain! We barely even tried!!!