Tuesday, March 19, 2013

January... the run down...

Rachel here.  WE'RE ALIVE!  HEY Y'ALL!  After a ridiculous amount of peer pressure... okay really it was just from the g-parents... WE'RE BAAAACK!  We were homeless living in a hotel in Bristol with Bryan out of town, we moved into our house, I attempted to unpack from said move while said husband was out of town during the weeks and home on weekends, and had no internet access for about a month and a half.  Throw a broken computer in there with lost pictures, and here we are nearly 2 months later.  I'll attempt to get you all caught up on the happenings of our happily ever after living family. :)  And go...
So we have this cute little baby... who sadly isn't so little anymore.

 Oh... there are these two nuggets as well.  God they're cute aren't they?
 Oh the purple mouth.  For anyone who's interested... I battled, but I'm still not convinced, yeast on one of my baby feeders for over 3 months.  It hurt like hell every time I tried to feed poor little Berks... like I was crying hurt.  It was awful.  I saw the doctor, I was on every med possible, I tried Gentian Violet (hence the purple lips) 3 times... nothing worked.  I finally cut out two feedings (she gets 4) on the right side, and that seemed to alleviate the issues at hand.  I completely healed (or so I thought), so I've been in the process of re-boosting my milk supply.  I've since noticed the issue coming back, so I'm currently in the weaning process of poor butter bean... she's not a fan.  Bum ,bum, bum.
 We had Christmas at Grandma and Grandaddy's.
 Ah there's that cute baby again... le sigh.

 Playing in the dirt while visiting the house.  We hadn't moved at this point.

 I mean seriously?  C.U.T.E.

Reese spent her own money and got herself an Easy Bake Oven.  Her biggest fan... Emma Grace. :)

 We got the mother load of all snow storms.  It snowed over 7 inches in 4-5 hours.  It was beautiful!  And we managed to maintain power to boot!

 Hi guys!
 We played in that snow for days.  The girls had a blast... Daddy may have as well.
 May I eat your cheeks?

 Even Berkie hung out in it for a while.

 Gotta love the dollar section at Target.  These wigs managed to keep our spirits high while we were hanging out with Daddy out of town... homeless.

 FINALLY... we moved... into the new house!  We are totally smitten.  There are still boxes, but they are our boxes... in our house... so we couldn't be happier.

 Oh and the Berkster turned 9 months old!
At this point sweet Baby Berkley had only gained a pound since her 6 month appointment... weighing in around 16 lbs.  She still wasn't eating purees regularly... life was crazy.  I was having boob problems... we're lucky she didn't starve to death.  We managed to QUICKLY get her on a schedule, and she's been pleasantly plump ever since.  Poor thing spent the first month in the new house sleeping in our closet.  In our defense... it's pretty big. :)  We had a hard time finding her window treatments and the screws to her crib.  All is well once again though. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment of "Rachel's attempt to get the elders of her back." ;)  It feels good to be back!


Andria said...

It's a wonder those 3rd babies don't just starve! How are we supposed to focus on them when there is so much going on?

Congrats on getting into the new place....you deserve a MEDAL, woman!...I wouldn't blame you for losing all your sanity, so a one-boob casualty is understandable.

And I love every single one of these adorable pictures.