Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy L.O.V.E. Day!

Rachel here. We had one of the nicest Valentine's Days ever this year. Bryan's mom and dad were nice enough to take the girls Saturday afternoon and for the night, so Bryan and I could pretend we didn't have kids for a few hours. :) We went to a quaint little theater in Roanoke to see "Black Swan"... the only place we could find that was playing it in the area. I liked it... Bryan was overwhelmed. :) We then headed home to go out for Mexican and downtown for a couple of drinks. It was a throwback to our old lives, and it was lovely.

While we were pretending we weren't old, the girls were wrapping a special gift they worked on with Grandma and Grandaddy...

It was sweet.

Today we celebrated in very small ways. Aren't Reese's Valentines for her classmates adorable?! She's obsessed with the pet fish in the classroom, so when I stumbled upon these online, I knew Reese would love them. I made the overall form, but she decorated the faces, and believe me... some of them turned out hysterically adorable! They decorated their own english muffin pizzas at school today and exchanged valentines as part of their party. Reese went to timeout for kicking leaves repeatedly outside... that's pretty much all I could get out of her. :) Reese, Emma Grace, and I woke up to beautiful flowers (the girls got little pots, and I got a beautiful bouquet of roses) and heart shaped pancakes. Daddy was very sweet to us. The day was filled with lots of heart shaped food, kisses, milk dyed pink, and I love yous.It ended with the girls chatting with Daddy on the computer. We finally got our cameras up and running in hopes it would help with some of Reese's behavior. Last week was PHENOMENAL! Reese was very easy to read, easy to calm, and it was awesome. Bryan came home from being out of town on Friday, it was time to put Reese to bed, and literally all hell broke loose. We think she's worried about Daddy not being home when she wakes up in the morning... she'll do anything and say anything to not have to go to sleep when Bryan is home. Hopefully being able to "see" him every night will make Fridays a little calmer for the next little bit until we get through busy season. We love her so much, so any little thing we can do is worth it. She's doing so great... we really couldn't be happier. :)

In the top picture Reese is giving Bryan a kiss... and in the bottom right hand corner Emma Grace is giving him a fist bump. :) I think it was a success!