Monday, February 7, 2011


Emma Grace here. One of our very best friends turned 2 this past weekend! We're all growing like weeds... it's insane. Aly had a super fun party at the rec center, and when I say super fun... I mean super fun. Take a look!
See? I mean seriously. Who wouldn't love a party where you can run, jump, and throw... the ENTIRE time without getting in trouble?

We ate really yummy food and cake that could make you just die. In the words of Daddy... "mmmm... frosting".
Aly got some GREAT gifts. You can tell she is super loved. Mommy nearly walked out with one of them... we're currently on the lookout for our very own... we'll keep you posted. ;)
Was Reese not invited you ask? No she was. She chose to act like a thug and spent about 90% of the party like this...
... or in the hallway. But that's an entirely different post. :)