Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 azziz old..

Rachel here. While I realize my sweet girl has been 2 for over a month now, we just had her 2 year appointment a little over a week ago. Her current stats are: weight... 28 lbs, height... 36.75 inches, and a big ole head. :) She's in 2T clothing and size 4 diapers. I've been collecting Reese's fall clothes for school and decided to pull out the 3T clothes for EG... sadly I think they'll fit her like a glove. :( She's just growing so quickly. When she first turned 2 and we asked her how old she was, she would say "I 2 azziz old and I going up!" It was the cutest thing I think I've ever heard a toddler say, so of course we asked her to say it 35,000 times... and now... nothing. She simply smiles at us. Stinker. The doc also gave us the go ahead on fluoride toothpaste... now I get to hold her down to brush her teeth with Toy Story toothpaste. :)

Emma Grace has quite the personality. Sometimes fantastic... sometimes horribly rotten. She gives the sweetest kisses, and to hear her say I love you could make you melt. While I'm sure Reese was a stinker at this age as well (she was a slapper... by the end of the day I wanted to cry... she had a mean slap to the cheek), Emma Grace has come into her own when it comes to the Terrible Two's. She's a hitter, pincher, screamer, and most horribly... a hair puller. While she loves to pinch me, Reese has become her number one target. Poor Reese... while she still has an occasional whiny spell... she's turning in to such a lovely child. It's definitely taught me to stick to my guns, follow through, and keep on keepin' on when it comes to parenting... no matter how frustrating it can be. Emma Grace will pull her hair, Reese will scream and cry... and just sit there... no retaliation. While I'm beyond grateful that Reese doesn't believe in an eye for an eye... I do. If Emma Grace pinches or pulls hair... I do it back to her. She used to be a biter, but a couple episodes of me biting her back worked like a charm. I can tell she's already begun to think twice before grabbing a handful of Reese's golden locks. On any given day you can find Emma Grace in timeout more often than not, but we're working on it. I love her so much it hurts... even through her naughty spells.

Emma Grace is a quirky little thing. She loves loves loves "Mary Poppins" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" with all of her being. With the weather being completely unbearable most days, we watch them quite often. She says "oopsie daisy", loves to follow Reese around aimlessly, enjoys playing with baby dolls and Barbies, and rarely has laundry because she's naked a good 12 hours of the day. This has proven to be a blessing because she's begun potty training. We have her potty set up in the living room, a seat on the large potty downstairs, and a second potty in the bathroom upstairs. While we started rocky... a couple of accidents here and there... she's really begun taking it seriously and is so proud of herself when she goes. While Reese was an m&m girl, Emma Grace prefers marshmallows... and we start her sticker chart Monday. YAY! She, however, will not poop on the potty yet. There have been a couple of those wonderful accidents so far, but she's pretty good at hinting to us that she needs to go and requests a diaper to do the deed.

HOLY SHENANIGANS... she's turning into a kid.