Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holy bejesus

Rachel here. I can't even believe that I've been MIA for over a month. Life caught up to me. We've been in and out of town for a variety of reasons and are beyond exhausted. While visiting with family and friends is ultimately worth it, it's easy for us to become overwhelmed. To be perfectly honest... we may need to learn to say "no" on occasion, which makes me sad... but SERIOUSLY... my sanity is fairly nonexistent right now. I'm slowly but surely going to catch you up on what we've been up to this last month starting with one of the most shocking things to have witnessed to date... BRETT EYE TURNED 4! I'm sorry what? 4 seems so old to me. 30 seems so old to me. When did we all become 30 and become parents of 4 year olds... and 2 year olds that can drink out of cups for that matter?Happy Birthday Brett... how 'bout you quit learning to read and stop growing... 'k... thanks. ;)


Andria said...

I visited your blog just to post a comment here asking if you were OK, or if the Lyme disease had gone to your brain and you had gone crazy and forgotten you even had a blog and were living in the attic with Ken and his rotting pleather jackets......Believe me, I was relieved to arrive here and see that all appears well with your family (and your brain). All that summer-vacationing looks like fun!