Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surgery update

Rachel here. After meeting with the pediatric surgeon Tuesday, it's been decided that Reese will be having surgery November 30th on her umbilical hernia. So far we're really happy with the people dealing with Reese. Our main concern was making sure we would be dealing with pediatric nurses after surgery as opposed to nurses who deal with adults primarily. When Reese had her surgery for her sty... the nurse was dreadful, and I found myself holding my tongue when in reality I should have kicked her ass... yes I just said that. :) Her doctor gave her a "Franklin" the turtle book about going to the hospital, and there is a little tutorial she can do on the computer. I hope she won't be too nervous.

Today we met with an ENT about her frenulum. The ENT definitely agreed that the clipping needed to be done, and she'll be completing that once Reese is under for her hernia surgery but before they actually start. Poor kid. She's a super trooper for sure.


JuusKiddin said...

I'll be praying for Reese (and mommy and daddy of course). I'm sure she will do great. Hugs to you all!