Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life as of Late

Rachel here. So I had a Pepsi for breakfast this morning and am currently working on a Pop Tart. Intriguing stuff I tell you. Rhinitis is a HUGE bummer. By the time I'm done working out the night's accumulation of snot (in the nose... in the throat... the whole nine), it's time to get the girls' breakfast. By the time I'm done warming the syrup, I'm dieing of starvation. Problem is... I'm constantly dieing of starvation. I can't seem to eat enough. No matter what. I'm a horrible hunger manager. I've finally become accustomed to a giant bagel around mid morning, but nothing seems to tickle my fancy first thing. This morning I opted for the Pepsi hoping that it would help perk me up with some sugar intake and then I could go about finding nourishment. I will tell you... I feel like a rockstar! Judge if you'd like, but I haven't felt like a rockstar since July... so your opinions can't hurt me. :)

With Reese I just ate whatever I could to keep myself alive. I drank a lot of milk and ate a lot of fruit as well now that I remember. I also enjoyed McDonald's cheeseburgers. It's amazing I wasn't ridiculously overweight.

Emma Grace was a Chick-fil-a #5 with a sweet tea child. It was heaven. Now don't get me wrong... of course I consumed oodles of super yummy healthy things with the girls as well, but fast food tends to be my craving. Ooooooooooooh I loved me some broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl from Panera as well with EG. She's a titch quirky but turned out just as adorable as ever. Healthy as ox or is is oxen... oxes... my two girls were. Still to this day have never had an ear infection... thank you Pepsi for breakfasts!

This go 'round... it's been Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits for breakfast. Bryan has ventured out many a day to save my life for a yummy bite of protein. I've since moved on to Wendy's frosties. This craving doesn't offend Bryan because Wendy's is literally right down the road, and he enjoys them as well. And the bonus... I can't finish a whole frosty in one sitting, so that badboy lasts me a good 3 days. Hurray!

On another note... I've felt Baby Boo all morning now! I felt Reese around week 16ish, EG was week 11 (she's my spunky child), and now today November 3... Baby Boo! How exciting! Apparently s/he loves Pepsi as much as I for breakfast!

I also have a bump. I swear I had a bump as soon as I had a positive test, but Bryan was skeptical. I think he's only now acknowledging said bump. Luckily I tend to stay small... all baby... so the maternity clothing is still in the attic... probably until this weekend when I can take proper inventory. I'm a jeans and hug my belly cotton shirt kind of girl, so no doubt I'll just need some shirts to get me through. I'll of course be doing belly pix because who doesn't love a good belly pic? My bump will be making it's debut next Monday when I have my next appointment, where we'll hopefully get the results from my first trimester screening tests. (Reese also has her consult for her surgery the following Tuesday... say a little prayer!)

Oh and for anyone still reading this ridiculous post, if you're expecting, (especially if it's not your first) you must visit this site Alphamom (just click on the name). It was suggested to me last night by a friend, and it's hilarious, and she understands you... and I love her. That is all.

*For anyone reading this who thinks I'm dumb enough to only live off of fast food and Pepsi during pregnancy... refer to your Webster's dictionary and look up the word moderation. I'm off to finish my Pop Tart now, and then perhaps I'll have a big bowl of freshly cut strawberries. :)Link


Miranda said...

So I was hungry 24/7 with Miller (now the kid can eat a truck if I let him..) but one thing that got me through it was protein bars and shakes. They aren't cheap but they will keep you full for at least an hour :) Congrats by the way!