Monday, October 1, 2012

5 months old

Baby Boozies turned 5 months old yesterday!  Rachel here. God I love this baby.  I mean I love all my kids, but I LOVE THIS BABY!  She makes me want to have another one... WHAT?!
Not sure of any of her dimensions as she doesn't go back to the ped's until 6 months.  Half a year.  Ugh.  Part of me can't wait until she's running around with the big girls, and part of me wants to freeze time and keep her in my pocket. :)
Berkley still won't take a paci, but she is a big fan of sucking her thumb.  I hope this means we won't have issues later as I can't very well go cutting her fingers off.  Her thumb sucking has aided in her being able to put herself to sleep at night.  In an attempt to make sure she's getting enough to eat before bed and not falling asleep on me, Berks takes a bottle of bm.  We're up to 4 oz.  Then I gives her kisses, put her in bed, and her thumb goes right in her mouth.  So cute.
Sleeping has gotten MUCH better.  She's back to her old self.  Bedtime is between 630 and 700, she wakes up a little after midnight, and then sometimes again before normal wake up time (630-700), but I don't mind too much as she goes right back to sleep.  We began letting her cry out the first wake up each night a few weeks ago and luckily that seemed to solve all the other random wake ups.  I think what started out as a growth spurt turned into a bad habit.  If she hasn't gotten over the midnight wake up by 6 months, we'll let her cry it out.  Bryan goes in and rubs her little belly until she calms down, leaves, and then goes back in a few minutes later if she needs it.  I hate to hear her cry, but I'd rather solve the sleep issues now and train her than have her sleeping in my bed until she's 45. :)  We're also on the 2 hour time limit when it comes to time between naps. Naps are lasting from about 30 minutes to an hour each.
We started her on cereals at 4 months.  She hated them.  HATED THEM.  After a handful of tries, I gave up.  She didn't seem interested.  About a week ago, I started her on peas.  First time was a no go, but she's since learned to eat them.  We've also tried banana and applesauce... both were huge hits.  Now if I can just find a good time EACH DAY to make sure we can get them in, we'd be good to go.
Berkley is still rolling over consistently... still won't roll from her back to her belly... even though I could literally blow her over.  She LOVES her exersaucer and could probably play in it all day, and I've been able to get dinner made consistently which has been nice.  She can grab her feet but could care less about doing anything with them.  Talking seems to be a favorite pass time.  She can really get going in the car, and the big girls think it's hilarious.  I often have her sitting up in my lap with very little support... still not strong enough to do it on her own though.  We're getting closer.
Oh sweet baby... we love you so  much!


Andria said...

She's the cutest! What a sweet little face! I think I'm gonna die when Susanna hits 6 months.