Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This past Saturday was my 5th birthday party.  5... can you even believe it?  This year we went with a Halloween costume party theme, and it was AWESOME!  Mommy got loads of great ideas from Pinterest (and has since put herself on restriction!), and everything turned out great.

 Mummy juice boxes

 S'mores goodie bags

 Pumpkin decorating station

 Candy corn cupcakes... they were actually regular yellow cake with homemade butter cream frosting made to look like candy corn.
 White chocolate covered strawberry ghosts
 Spider birthday cake with orange and brown swirls inside
 The spread
Everyone was such great sports and dressed up... even the adults. 

 Us girls went as superheros.
 Al and Peg Bundy.

 Waldo and Wenda
 Curious George, The Man in the Yellow Hat, a banana, and Professor Wiseman :)

 Bacon and Eggs
 I mean seriously? :)
 Daddy... oh dear lord Daddy...
 Pinata time!


Thank you so much to everyone who made the special trip!  It means a lot!


Andria said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN! You give the best parties. I love that the adults were such good sports!