Thursday, December 16, 2010


Meet the newest member of our family... Bobnewhart... pronounced Bob Newhart. Yeah he's pretty awesome. He's our "Elf on a Shelf". Mommy's been whining to adopt one since I was born (this is Reese by the way... I'm kind of a big deal). Grandpa and Pearl got it for us for Christmas and let us open it early to start the tradition. Basically Santa sent him our way to keep an eye on me and the baby sister. He even let us name him. Personally I wanted to name him "Ho." I can't specify whether I was in to the holly jolly season or had just viewed a documentary on ladies of the night, but Mommy vetoed it nonetheless... thus was born Bobnewhart. So anywhoodle. Bobnewhart watches us all day long, visits Santa while we're sleeping, and reports his findings. He then returns the following morning only to show up in an entirely different location as the day prior. It's a jolly good show if you ask me. Rachel here. I won't lie... it's pretty funny to hear Reese say "no Emma... don't do that... Bobnewhart is watching!"