Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade Christmas... continued

Rachel here. Here's the cape that I made for Reese. She picked out the fabric herself. Flashy huh? ;) The green is some crazy sequin thingy, and the pink underneath is velour. Very Housewives of just about anywhere. I did the "r" emblem with felt and sewed that on by hand, and then used the machine to put the two pieces together. I still need to attach some velcro for the attachement and am seriously considering taking out that top stitch to redo it. Both fabrics were very bouncy, so it was very hard to keep in place. In general, I'm pretty happy with it and will definitely be making one for Emma Grace (but probably out of felt and fleece).
One of my other projects was going to be to make Reese an "I Spy" bag. I found them all over Etsy and thought they were adorable. It was just something I wasn't looking forward to making because I am NO seamstress. I happend to find one used at Once Upon a Child and nearly fell over. $4.50! A little bit of cleaning up, and we're good to go!