Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas activities Part 1

Rachel here. Here are some of the Christmas activities we've done so far. The ever popular window clings. Reese puts them up, and 2.3 seconds later Emma Grace takes them down. ;)
Reese helped me make an "I Spy" bottle for her for her shelf. I just have to get the picture of the items to spy printed out and laminated, and it'll find a home on her shelf. We used some trinkets we found at Michael's, sugar as the filler, and a plastic water bottle. Super simple. I spotted it on many sites, so I knew I could handle it.

Bryan and I hit up the Dollar Tree down the street probably once a month for little things that the girls can do or play with that are inexpensive. I found this big felt Christmas tree and had the girls glue buttons all over it to resemble ornaments. I love it so much that it'll make an appearance ever year.
Thanks to my Gma Betty, the girls got this talking Santa that reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas." We happen to have a copy that the girls can look at while he's reading to them.
This little table is set up in their play room. Thomas the tank engine trains with their ceramic tree and snowmen that they can dress/undress.
A couple years back we bought a mini tree for Reese for her playroom. I pulled it out this year and have it placed with a small basket of cushy ornaments. The girls can decorate the tree over and over again whenever they want.
We also have the girls' wooden nativity set from
One Step Ahead (<-----Andria!). We love it, and the girls can't break it... it's a winner!
Today I hopped back on the Montessori bandwagon. Reese has been begging me to get with the program, so she worked on a red/green stone transferring activity.We painted these pathetic little sun catchers from DT... they weren't even worth the dollar we spent on them... horrid.
The stamp packs we bought though are great, and Reese even worked on color patterns with her finger prints. I turned it into a little caterpillar.
Perhaps we're not too young for the wonderful world of Ed Wemberly. :)