Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tinkle tinkle

Hey y'all. Can you see my sticker? Yeah I'm pretty bada$$... I peed in the potty tonight. I got an m&m too. But I'm hardly an amateur... this was my second time... I mean seriously. Mommy and Daddy have picked up on my cues... I like to put my hands down my pants a la Al Bundy when I have to "go." This evening, I did just that, Mommy asked me if I needed to use the potty, I said yes, I went... the rest is history. For the record I've also pooped on the floor twice and peed on the floor three times... awesome. I've kept my diaper dry during naps for nearly a week, so now we'll get a little more serious on this whole potty training thing... but just a little...