Monday, October 10, 2011

Mommy Scissorhands...

Emma Grace here. Mommy is getting sick and tired of my hair shenanigans...Yes folks, that is what she wakes up to EVERY SINGLE MORNING. It's fun. I scream, I cry, you name it... I do it when it comes time for Mommy to brush/style my hair for the day. It was just getting to be too much. After cutting my sister's hair (6 inches people!), she began threatening me... "If you don't come over here right now so I can brush your hair, I'm going to cut it. Do you want me to cut your hair?" "Yes." Well then... here we go.So fresh and so clean. It can still create some carazy bedhead, but it's super cute and sassy... and not so mulletish, which is always a plus.


Andria said...

Ugh, Nora looks like that every morning too (the bedhead!). I don't even know how she does it.

Both girls look adorable with their new haircuts! So grown-up!