Monday, October 17, 2011


Howdy. ;) Saturday was my 4th birthday bash. We had a cowgirl/Jessie/Toy Story theme. I wanted toy story, and Mommy didn't want it to be TOO Toy Story, so she got to work researching. When it comes time for birthday parties, Mommy's best friends are Google and Etsy. :) She found a really sweet invitation on Beth Kruse's blog and tweaked it a bit.The setup was cowboy style food. Hot dogs, cole slaw, baked beans, barbecue chips... it was yummy.Jackson's Mommy had these adorable cupcake toppers at his party, and Mommy fell in love. She'd seen them before but just wasn't sure how she felt about them. Mere makes everything look good. :) Etsy was a gold mine when it came to these, so Mommy got a little inspiration from hollycatedesigns and came up with these:The applesauce covers and s'mores pops were ideas from BK as well... she's a genius. :)Some of the decor.Favors were cowboy hats filled with a snake (There's a snake in my boot!), army men, a sheriff's badge, Reese's pb cups, a slinky, and Toy Story fruit snacks wrapped in a red bandanna.The bounce house made an appearance with an ungodly number of children playing in it. This thing has paid for itself 10 fold.Western do-a-dots.CUPCAKES! Mommy tried the new Fundamiddle cupcakes... REALLY GOOD!We've officially entered the phase where all the kids get all up in the present opening business... hilarious.Happy Birthday to me! Thank you so much to all of my friends and family that helped me celebrate!

On a bittersweet note... this may have been the last party to be thrown in this house... assuming we sell the bad boy before June. :)