Monday, October 10, 2011

Party like a preschooler...

Today we celebrated my birthday at preschool. It was really really really fun... I think Mommy and Daddy like it too. There was a birthday banner on one of the tables for my classmates to decorate for me. It's hanging above my bed now in my bedroom... I heart it. :)
We do a very sweet little birthday ceremony. First the birthday boy or girl gets to hold a model of the earth. They walk around the large model of the sun the same number of times that they are old. So for example... I got to revolve around the sun 4 times, because in real live I've been alive long enough to have really revolved around the sun 4 times... cute right? And then 4 candles are lit, and I got to blow them out... both of these things were done while singing a very special birthday song... Mommy was quite impressed.Once our birthday song is sung, we all load onto the train... tickets and all... in order to get our special treat. Mommy, Daddy, and Emma Grace brought chocolate chip muffins for my friends and me.We got to eat them out on the playground... it was really special and meant a lot to me and my family. Have we mentioned how much we absolutely love our preschool? :)Look how well Emma Grace blends in... oh the sadness.Tomorrow is the big day... I officially turn 4!