Monday, November 7, 2011

14 Weeks

Rachel here. Here's the bump in all it's baby bump glory. :) Tomorrow I'm officially 14 weeks... and seriously... I couldn't already be more done... D.O.N.E... done. I had an appointment today, and my doctor... one of many... which is new this time around, and she told me to basically overdose on Benadryl in hopes of helping out my mucus problem. And of course by overdose, I mean taking the medication according to the labeled instructions. ;) I'm not sure how long this will last though, as I took one once I got home today and thought I might die. Something new this go 'round... restless leg syndrome. Goodness gracious. So far it's only reared it's ugly head twice... once though was from about 2am, until I woke up for the day around 7. I think I'd be fine at night with it as long as I didn't have to get up and pee 12.5 times...

So far all tests have come back super... meaning my 3rd trimester screening. YAY! I also went ahead and got my flu shot today... ouch... ouch... ouch.

Next appointment is December 6th, and the big penis/vagina reveal is on the 9th. I mentioned the angle of the exterior genitalia test to the doc today. She was none too amused, and basically told me not to go out and buy a bunch of stuff based on what I think I saw. I hate those answers. :) We'll know soon enough.

Until next time... tomorrow is Reese's big umbilical hernia surgery consult... hopefully things will go smoothly. She is worried and doesn't want it fixed, but I know one day she probably will, so until we figure out what is happening we're trying to reassure her. Wish us luck!


Andria said...

Ha! My next appt is the 6th, too. Funny. Your baby belly is cute, I must say! What, woman, you don't get stretch marks? Pffft.

I feel for you guys about Reese's surgery...I know the very idea must be so stressful...but once that's over, it won't be looming over you any more. And it's merciful that they can do both procedures at once. We'll definitely be thinking of you guys!!!