Monday, January 16, 2012

24 weeks

Rachel here. Tomorrow we are officially 24 weeks. It's funny... from day to day... I feel like this pregnancy is dragging... dragging... dragging... but as a whole... 24 weeks already?!

9 wks
14 wks18 wks24 wksMy appointment this morning went well. All appeared normal. I'm up 14 lbs... right on track with my past pregnancies. I'm a 25-30 lb gainer and with less than halfway to go, things are looking good. I've had some swelling in my fingers, but so far only if I'm in the car for too long. I've been side sleeping for some time now but sleeping well... if I could just get to bed earlier!

I have my dreaded glucose test Feb 6 (which I've always passed, so hopefully this go 'round will be the same, and there won't be any surprises.), my next regular appointment is Feb 16, and we'll also be scheduling my 4D soon!

I found my belly shot with Emma Grace at 24 wks, but apparently Reese's is buried in a bin somewhere... as soon as I find it, I'll post a comparison. I know you can't wait! ;)