Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reesie Nye the Science Gal

I got a Soda Pop Experiments kit from Grandma and Grandaddy for Christmas... it's pretty cool. So far we've only done one experiment because turns out for most of the experiments you need a separate 2 liter bottle... not the one that came with the kit. I had to wait until Daddy finished a bottle to really get down. Luckily there were a few experiments that you could use the kit bottle. This one was with water, baking soda, vinegar, and raisins. I can't remember how much of any of it you need (if you're really that in to it... I'll have Mommy look up the recipe!).
Basically you add all the ingredients together and the raisins begin to "dance" around uncontrollably.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching them dance to the top only to flick that back down again. Keep your eyes peeled for more preschool fun... Mommy will be back with a vengeance starting in February... now that she has her wits about her. :)