Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Rachel here. Pregnancy... oy. I'm going to be perfectly honest here... I'm done... and I feel really bad about it. I really enjoyed being pregnant while incubating both Reese and Emma Grace, but this time it's different. Keep in mind my three pregnancies (I feel bad even complaining about that... THREE... some don't even get ONE, and I'm complaining about THREE... what a bitch) have been virtually identical. I've had no complications... well, there was the Fifth's disease scare with Reese... and then the busted vein from my IV which caused my arm to swell to Popeye proportions, oh and then there was the awful bladder issue with Emma Grace (IN IOWA) where my bladder was as hard as a rock and holding WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more urine than it was supposed to be... but I've been INCREDIBLY blessed. In fact I was so happy during those pregnancies (puking EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE ENTIRE PROCESS), that I vividly remember saying "I would be pregnant every day for the rest of my life if I could." This time... I'm tired, I'm puking, I'm emotional, I'm a full time mom of TWO OTHER LITTLE PEOPLE, two little people who have places to be and people to see... they have schedules! And the house... OH THE HOUSE. We are bound and determined, but we are pooped. Bryan is beyond busy at work, which makes me want to help pick up more of the slack here at the house, but holy bejesus... I'm done. Then there is Bryan... cracking jokes about having ANOTHER baby. I literally want to stab him in the eye every time he says something about it, but what if he really does? Maybe he could become a big brother or something because seriously? SERIOUSLY? :) The absolute highlight... feeling PBB punch, kick, roll around like crazy!

I may have grown tired of pregnancy, but that doesn't mean I don't adore the ground my children walk on. Even in their ugliest of moments... they were worth it, and I know I'll feel the same about Princess Baby Boo (I've learned to say that with a straight face... took a while... oh these girls!). There are quite a few little Mommy Blogger posts that have been circulating... mainly the ones of serious interest to me are by Glennon Melton over at Momastery. She's brilliant. Not in that she's a genius super mom, but in that she's open and brave and honest. One of her most recent posts had to do with SAHMs vs. Working mothers. If you haven't read it... YOU MUST! Too often working mothers are viewed as having mommy guilt because they aren't always with their children... life is filled with having to learn to balance family and work... and attempting to do them both well. Glennon touches on the mommy guilt that SAHMs ALSO have... not contributing monetarily to the family amongst other things. Working mothers tend to think SAHMs are lazy, bon bon eating, non-showering, uneducated women looking for the easy way out. SAHMs mothers tend to think working mothers are selfish, overly done up women who would rather spend money on highlights and manicures than on their children, and think it's more than fine to let others raise their children. It's a really interesting read... and one where the comments are just as amazing as the article. The moral of the story is quit beating each other up... children need to see both types of hard working women in their everyday lives... let them see all of the options that are out there for them, and let them choose.

So in conclusion... I know... are you still awake... still reading... basically... I'm just a tired, sometimes lazy, never done up, extremely educated, always hungry... not for bon bons, over not having control of my body, ecstatic to be adding another little lady to the mix, confused as to attempting to add a little man to the mix, in dire need of a beer but am settling for a crappy cup of coffee in my awesome New Orleans mug, a person who LOVES and APPRECIATES being given the chance to witness all of my children's milestones with my own two eyes... because that's what's good for me, a person who sometimes wishes there was more time in the day for myself, a person who sometimes wishes I had something of my own. And to be honest... I wouldn't change ANY OF IT. Not a single thing. Well... maybe the beer part. :)


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