Sunday, April 15, 2012

Running track

Rachel here. I'm a pretty fast runner. Well not currently... you know... being ABOUT TO POP with a child and all. But... I am a pretty fast runner. I don't always like to run, but I can run if it comes down to it. This is how Bryan and I are currently living our lives. Constantly feeling like we're running, as fast as we can, until we see that hurdle, and then attempting to clear it... and continue running... WITHOUT slowing down of course. We've always been that way. If we're going to do something, we're going to do it, and it's going to be on our terms. Hence this whole "let's talk about putting the house on the market, set a date to do that, decide to get pregnant with our 3rd because we're not willing to put our family plans on hold for a mediocre market, begin housing projects while Bryan is out of town for nearly 3 months and only home on the weekends, get the house finished, find a realtor, and get that bad boy on the market... oh and THEN if we're lucky enough sell the house, have a healthy baby, rent a house, break ground, and be in our brand new dream home by Christmas. One hurdle after the other... Here's an update on our track meet thus far. :)

Today I'm 36 weeks 5 days pregnant. Still. By the grace of the baby gods. :) I had my 36 wk appointment last Thursday for my Strep test. Bryan is preparing to finish up some out of town work, so he'll be in and out for the next 3 weeks. Yep... just in time for my due date... how quaint. ;) He requested the midwife check me, so he could pretend to assess the situation and his plan of action. I explained to him that I could be 27 cm dilated and not have a baby for 5 more years, OR I could be sealed up mega tight and have a baby by breakfast. He wanted me checked. This is where I say... "why don't we have you checked?! Do YOU know what's it's like to have a hand elbow deep in your fanciness?" But I digress. So the update on my "status"... as of last Thursday... 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced, cervix is making it's way down and forward, but the baby's head is still at -3. Midwife predicts DEFINITELY early, but when??? Who knows?! Until then I return to nights of waking up 26 times to pee and attempting to roll myself over while my husband continues to sleep on the couch. HUZZAH! Next appointment... Friday April 20th. Up 28 lbs and addicted to milk.
Run run run. Second hurdle. JUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP! From the last time I posted about house shenanigans... I don't even know when... we settled on our agent. Our choices were between the young cocky guy with all the ideas who wanted to price us where we thought we should be and charge us 6%... and then there was the older guy been doing it forever who wanted to price us slightly higher and work for 5%. The commission is what got us. #1 was not willing to go down to 5% because he uses the extra funds as an incentive to pull in buying agents to look at his properties. He pays them the higher commission if they get their clients to buy his homes... so OUR money is being used to build HIS portfolio and rewarding HIS clients... while we are left in the dust. Needless to say we chose the 5% guy. Split the different of the listing prices, and were on the market. We knew when it came down to it, all we really needed was the MLS listing... the rest of it was going to be in our hands. Make the house look amazing, stage it well, keep it clean, have great pictures taken, and cross our fingers. We had a sign in the yard Wednesday morning around 1130 am, had our first showing at 2 pm, and had an offer by bedtime! After haggling with the buyers for what seemed like years (2 days)... we had a contract... signed, sealed, and delivered yesterday morning by 830 am. We had a total of 3 showings... 2 of which were the buyer. Now assuming the home inspection goes well, we'll close around June 8th. House sold before baby arrives... check! Next hurdle... find a rental for the next 7ish months. Friday we went and spoke to our builders who said if all panned out with the offer, we could be in our new house for Christmas!Doing homeschool preschool around here has been DIFFICULT. Most of our project materials are in storage, and I have about as much time and energy pulling things together as can be expected from an 8.5 month pregnant woman attempting to sell her home. SO we've been outside EVERY SINGLE DAY playing, and yesterday Reese started her Lowe's classes with Daddy. She built some kind of Plinko style game, got herself a cute little apron, and earned her first badge. It's hilarious and I love it! She and Bryan then went to Home Depot to return some supplies and came home with another apron, another project (her little plant there), and full bellies... they apparently ate their weight in free hotdogs. HA! EG and I went to the HOKIE store and bought some new flair for the new car and some cookies from the local bakery. Saturdays should be pretty entertaining from here on out.Oh and Reese got a haircut. :) This picture looks like she did it herself and it is EXTREMELY uneven, but I promise it's not nearly as jacked up as it appears.Next up... this afternoon we attempt maternity style photos in the backyard. Subjects: my gut, my girls, maybe one of the husband... with the husband as the photographer. Stay tuned. :)