Monday, April 23, 2012

This calls for a celebration!

Rachel here.  I've always said that no matter how many kids Bryan and I chose to have, I always wanted something to celebrate them before they arrived.  Never had to be a shower with oodles of gifts and ridiculous games.  I just wanted to have something, with pictures and memories, to remember the "calm before the storm".  I wanted each of my children to know how excited people were to have them enter the world. 

My dear friend Laura, who constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty, offered to throw together a barbecue to celebrate the arrival of Baby Boo AND celebrate the Spring Football Game... all in one... she's awesome like that. :)  The result... a really lovely, LOW KEY (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU), rainy (game was canceled), awesome barbecue with some of our dearest friends.  Just what the doctor ordered.

We'll begin with the typical shower aspect of this shindig first...

 Enter crazy antics in the rain...
Cue ADORABLE minis wearing $20 winter VT coats purchased by mommies who just wanted out of the house with all said minis running around. :)
 Moral of the story... we have AMAZING friends in our lives.