Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Well hello there!

Hi diddly ho there! We're still here... still alive... still pregnant... still busy. :) Here's last week in a nutshell. We played outside... A LOT.We did SOME schooling... NOT a lot. :)I turned 29 for the 3rd year in a row, so we indulged in cake and fruit...We bought a new car to house our growing brood. Used 2012 Chevy Traverse baby... I heart it.
I turned 35 weeks today. 5 more to go... I'm hoping for 3 more to go... but healthy is all I truly care about.Bryan re-carpeted the stairs, weeded and mulched,
and resealed the driveway.
I shopped. :) (For the record... I've been told to lay down and take it easy. I do what I can around here, which is mostly keeping things cleaned and organized. Not supposed to be doing everything I WAS doing a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying REALLY hard, but I'm finding it hard seeing projects that need to be done and knowing that I physically can't do them.)We cleaned out the garage and moved much of the contents to our storage unit.We also met with realtors... many times... with many questions, and we've finally chosen one to work with. With just a few little minor projects left to cross off the list, we should be listed soon!!!! :)


Andria said...

Happy Birthday!!

The yard, carpeted stairs, and driveway look awesome! I want to live in your house!