Monday, September 3, 2012

Build this house... VERY BUSY

Rachel here.  We are finally knee deep in dirt!  We broke ground about 2 weeks ago hence the lack of postings here.  Things are moving slowly due to some SERIOUS rocks.  We're talking Fred Flinstone Bedrock kind of rocks.  BIG SERIOUS EXPENSIVE rocks.  This week we were set to start and finish the footers, but Mother Nature may decide to put the kibosh on those plans as we're supposed to get quite a bit of rain.  Rain or shine, rocks or no rocks, footers or no footers... I am one happy camper.  I'm finally beginning to come out of my funk.  I miss my pictures, and my decorations... I even miss the girls' ridiculous amount of stuffed animals that were all over their beds.  I can't wait until we are in our new home.  CAN NOT WAIT.  These are a few of my favorite photos we've taken over at the property.  The girls love all the dirt and construction; we try to make it over there 4-5 times a week AT LEAST.