Monday, September 3, 2012

Weddings and naps don't mix

Weekend before last we ventured to Tidewater for one of Mommy's dear friend's wedding.  While we were stupendous during the ceremony, we fell apart slowly and painfully during the reception.  Naps were lacking... as was the only thing the sister EG wanted to eat... macaroni. :)  Berkley cried every time we went inside because the music was extremely loud by baby standards, so we spent a good chunk of our time outside.
 Which happened to not be a bad gig... because we got some really sweet photos.

Here's to a very special bride and her lovely husband... and to weddings without children. ;)


Andria said...

Your girls are so beautiful and OH! that picture of Berkley in the red dress is just gorgeous! I love her sweet chubbiness.

I find weird stuff in Susanna's neck rolls, too. Lint, cheesy bits of dried milk, stored's weird.