Monday, September 3, 2012

4 months old

I'm 4 months old!  Well 4 months and some change as of today, but you know how life can get. :)
 At my appointment I was a whopping 14 lbs and some ounces (Mommy can't remember... oy)!  I also had to get a prescription for a yeast infection under my neck... one that I've gained from all of the goodies that seem to be getting stuck in my luscious rolls.  Seriously... Mommy finds the most intriguing of things... she wouldn't be surprised if she were to one day find a yacht.  Rolls for days people... rolls for days.
 I've taken a HUGE step back when it comes to sleeping.  I was sleeping 12 hours at night with 0-1 wake ups.  HOT DAMN it was fantastic.  Not the scenario these days my friends.  I'm averaging 3-4 wake ups, and I like it.  Mommy was giving me the benefit of the doubt... maybe it was teeth... maybe a growth spurt... maybe I'm just being a big old turd bomber.  She attempted to give me some baby cereal the other day to try to keep my belly nice and full, but I spit it out of my mouth all oozy like... it was cute.  So now Mommy makes sure to nurse me for a very long time before bed, and if I wake up less than 3 hours later... she lets me cry.  SHE LETS ME CRY... how rude.  If it's longer than that, she'll feed me.  Now I'm back to 2-3 wake ups.  In my defense, that third wake up is around 5-530... the lady could EASILY wake up for the day, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo... she likes to sleep.  We'll get there... maybe.  Still no paci action which would make this whole scenario MUCH better.
I can roll from belly to back and am ridiculously close to doing the other way as well.  I love my exersaucer and playing with my entourage... aka... the big sisters.  I'm reaching for toys but have yet to play with my feet much.  I mean could you manage to get your feet in your mouth if your gut was the size of a watermelon?  I have little teeth buds, but the ped says they won't break through for quite some time.  Mommy thought a tooth had popped through, but apparently she's a moron and it was simply a cyst.  Seriously... I thought she'd done this twice before?  I absolutely LOVE bath time.  Mommy puts me on a towel in about 2 inches of water in the big kid tub, and I just kick and splash... it's like heaven.  I've finally been forced to start taking naps in my crib during the day.  It's working out nicely.  I do cry for a little while, but Mommy has to get things done around this abode, and she can't very well do that with me snoozing on her lap... although I hear I'm quite snuggly. :)
I can't remember much more that needs to be reported as of this moment.  I'm fat and cute... what more do you need to know? :)