Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Part 2

Rachel here. So in general I'd say I did fairly well with my resolutions for the month of January. I completed organizing the playroom for the HOUSE, I did well at only playing on the computer while the GIRLS were preoccupied or sleeping (which is really easier said than done nowadays), and I was able to read 3 books (I was originally hoping for one a week but ran out of engaging books) the entire month for MYSELF. Not too shabby. :)

For the month of February...
HOUSE ~ This month I'll be focusing on getting the girls' rooms clean to the bone. We're talking the works. Cleaning baseboards, wiping down walls, rehauling their closets, dusting regularly (which is so hard to remember because all they do in there is sleep... no playing), and doing whatever it is people do to hardwood floors. :) It should be refreshing.

GIRLS ~ I'm going to Blurb the second year of my blog. Say huh?! I found a great site that is a great way to transfer my blog to an actual book. It's bound and everything. Reese's turned out to be so lovely; I can't wait to see year #2 and have Emma's first year in my hands.

MYSELF ~ I think I'll sleep. :) With Bryan having been out of town for the last 4 weeks, it's hard for me to sleep. Every little creak and whistle of the wind makes me on edge... not a great feeling. How do I remedy that? I just don't sleep. :( The goal... get some sleep. Easy as that... and more than likely easier said than done. :)