Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday after the birthday party of the decade, Grandma and Grandaddy came to watch Emma Grace and I. Mommy and Daddy went out for an early/quick dinner, just the two of them, for Valentine's Day. It was lovely for them! Don't worry though, they didn't forget about the baby sister and me...
... they got us these adorable little outfits for our Build a Bears! Aren't they cute?! We already had the bears, but Mommy wanted to get us something other than candy... seeing as how EG is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young obviously, and I'm not permitted to take part in such luxuries very often. Instead of getting us tons of stuffed animals for each holiday (because we need them like holes in our heads), our bears will get new outfits instead (idea per an old friend of Mommy's!). Cute right?! Sadly Mommy couldn't get me to pose nicely for a picture and Emma just slobbers all over her's. :)