Monday, February 15, 2010

Bonne anniversaire Aly!

Okay we're not really sure how/when this happened... but Alyson is 1! We were blessed enough to attend the big shindig this past Saturday. It was filled with friends, cake, presents, and a little paci stealing. ;)

Our dear Aunt Angie (Uncle Tommy was there too), trekked it all the way from Newport News for the day... it was so awesome to see her! We can't wait until her little baby makes his/her premier this summer. :)
It was really nice to just be able to relax and visit with friends. Now that my sister can sit up, she's much more fun and sociable.

I was the oldest kid there, so I made sure to keep all those babies in line. :)
Let her eat cake!

Let ME eat cake! Those were the best Elmo cupcakes EVER for the record.
Aly got some really great gifts! She lost interest fairly quickly, but don't worry... I helped pick up some of the slack. (Sorry Laura!!!!)
Aly was way more interested in showing us her downward facing dog. :)

I did, however, act as the garbage girl... Daddy was my assistant.
Aly's daddy got her a very special gift...

... her very own lefty softball glove!
Thank you Funk family for a super great afternoon 'o fun! :)